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Thread: Cool Safari extension

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    Default Cool Safari extension

    found a cool safari plugin - quits safari always (:-)) No background anymore

    Here the info

    I just threw together a tiny extension; it's not part of Backgrounder, but maybe it
    will do the trick. It will let Safari minimize (suspend) properly, and then tell it
    to quit.

    Because Safari is allowed to suspend before quitting, it will take a snapshot of the
    current page (as normal), so when you launch Safari again you will see the last
    active page (as if Safari had still been running). Once it starts, though, the page
    will be reloaded... a minor nuisance.

    Hopefully you know how to install a package manually; basically you copy it to your
    device, ssh into it as root, and run:

    dpkg -i jp.ashikase.safariquitter-0.1-1.deb

    You're on your own from there... I'm off to sleep. Feel free to share the package.

    Issue 126 - iphone-backgrounder - Auto-kill safari process on close - Google Code

    Package found there
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    I have updated the extension to read a boolean value "enabled" from a preferences
    file (/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/jp.ashikase.safariquitter.plist). If the
    enabled is true, Safari will quit on suspend. This should make it simple for someone
    to design an SBSettings or similar toggle.

    Note that there is one issue... currently it is not possible to change the setting
    while Safari is running; it appears to be a preferences-caching-related issue. I
    don't have time to work on it now, so I'll leave that for someone else to fix.

    The updated source is available at my iphone-tweaks site,
    iphone-tweaks - Google Code . I have also posted an updated package there,
    under the Downloads tab. The source is BSD, so feel free to use as you see fit (as
    long as you follow the license terms, of course).

    As for doing the same for Mail, it should be possible... except that Mail is set to
    automatically relaunch upon exit (though this might only happen upon crashing, and
    not normal exit). There is a SpringBoard preference option that controls this (must
    manually set it in; Backgrounder uses a general method
    to prevent killed applications from restarting (by hooking the SBApplication relaunch

    Preference setting is here
    Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
    Copy into /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences


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    except that Mail is set to
    automatically relaunch upon exit
    not if you have it on manual...

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    launches anyway (:-(( thats the problem (:-((


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