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Thread: iRealSMS on 3.0?

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    That's great! 3.0 will be awesome, but it's really hard to function without quickreply. lol
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    irealquick SMS is a friggen god send... I use it along with tlert and wow it makes life easy.

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    mms on ireal would be great. using 2 apps is inconvenient. something i would love to see on an update of ireal to 3.0 is more screen space for the actual conversation while in landscape with the keyboard showing.

    currently i can get 1 text bubble with only 2 lines of text to show at a time. could the conversation button and edit button be moved to the area with the trash can and forward buttons? the one that shows when the keyboard is hidden? then the name of the person you're chatting with could maybe be ghosted in the reply bubble with the chacter count. or maybe the name could be displayed to the left or included in the text bubble. Also, it seems the text bubbles have quite a bit of cushion to them. is this much space above and below the text, in the bubble itself, actually necessary? Next, the date and time stamp could possibly be inlcuded in the text bubble which could free up a bit of screen space. Lastly, i think there is some space to be regained by the reply bubble. i can fit nearly 160 characters worth of text, 3 lines, in that reply bubble at one time. on average, most of my messages arent that long. could this area be slimmed down to 2 lines worth of text displayed at once?

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    we will be renovating the look of the main app so that it looks much more stock, with some visual enhancements. But I agree.. it looks a little dated and cluttered. We will try to effectively use the screen space in 3.0 so it will be easier on the eyes while remaining full featured.

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    I don't care what it costs...I will pay for iRealSMS again. I only have one issue with it in regards to the Delete All SMS. Other than that I don't see myself running an iPhone without it.

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