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Thread: Is there anyway to get Powerpoint,Excel and Word??

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    Lightbulb Is there anyway to get Powerpoint,Excel and Word??
    Looking to get word, powerpoint and excel on my iPhone, please let me know if you have any info.

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    Google Docs, Spreadsheets... Do they work in Safari on iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgates View Post
    Google Docs, Spreadsheets... Do they work in Safari on iPhone?
    You can view your saved Docs and spreadsheets on Google Docs but it won't allow you to create new Docs straight from the iPhone. If there is a way to do it I would love to know.

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    There was another small application I had downloaded that you drag the PPT or doc or PDF into it and it gives you a web URL you put THAT into your bookmarks then sync your iphone, then you can open it up even in airplane mode. cant edit but lets you take a lot of stuff with you. If I find the app again I will post it. Also lets you store stuff but you have to be online to view.

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    Email Microsoft and ask them to port them over. Hope you can use them without copy and paste.
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    did you find the app?

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    how do i install google docs onto my iphone? I'm really confused. I'm a complete novice with the iphone....coming from a windows background, I'm finding managing the iphone very difficult indeed. All I want to do is transfer Word and Powerpoint files from my PC onto my iphone and view them on my iphone.

    Could someone give me very simple a,b,c instructions without making assumptions please?

    Another quick do I manage files (Word, PPT etc) between my PC and iPhone since iTunes restricts you to audio, video etc.

    Thanks in advance
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    Right now the app called wildeyes is what you need!
    Works on safari, enables U the option to view pdf, doc, xls, etc

    But yes they should do a Documents-to-Go for iphone

    Jailbreak is an application "installer" that lets you get third party applications into you ipod or iphone.

    It is worth it. I recommend you using Ziphone for jailbreak
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    idemocracy or winpwn are probably better bets for you than ziphone as it can/could have at one point do(ne) some damage to your phone. regardless, right now you are SOL on this editing business. you can use wildeyes! or docsviewer (something like that it's in the bigboss repo). there is a program called mobile textedit that is a little nicer than your included notes program, but not much. wait until the app store comes up the mac bu may have a surprise or two for us, ya know for some ridiculous sum of money.

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