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Thread: WARNING: IntelliScreen in Cydia = Rock Your Phone!

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    Default WARNING: IntelliScreen in Cydia = Rock Your Phone!
    Just an FYI:

    [edit to reflect IntelliScreen 2.55 now on one of the default repositories, still installing Rock Your Phone w/out warning]

    The latest version of IntelliScreen in Cydia from the MODMYI respository ALSO INSTALLS Rock Your Phone!

    So if you're avoiding Rock Your Phone, AVOID IntelliScreen.

    I'll let you all comment on if this dev. is overstepping in automatically installing a completely separate application which many have had serious issues with as a dependency with his app. I've stated my thoughts in other threads already. This post is informational only. Good luck!
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    thanks for the tip. why do both of your threads basically say the same thing?

    moving this to Native iPhone / iPod Touch App Discussion

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    The other thread is more of a cydia question, as in is there a way to determine dependencies for any package before it's installed. Granted, I am rather annoyed about how this developer has chosen to piggyback Rock so there is definitely a common theme!

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    I Agree 100%

    I bought Intelliscreen many mons ago, and saw I had an update.
    Imagine my surprise when that Rock Garbage showed up on my phone, and boy did it Dig itself in deep.

    I tried to un-install it (through Cydia) and BOOM!
    Dead phone.
    Full restore for me

    I'll be asking Intelliborn for a full refund!
    This is pure bait and switch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiorio View Post
    The other thread is more of a cydia question, as in is there a way to determine dependencies for any package before it's installed.
    When you click Install in Cydia and the Confirm page comes up, it tells you what dependencies it will also be installing (e.g. if you go to install a theme and don't have Winterboard, you will see that Winterboard will show up on the Confirm screen as well as the theme you are installing.)

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    Really? So you have to hit install first, then it comes up?

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    yes after install and before confirm

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    Nice tip, that. Thanks!

    As far as this auto-install or Rock My Phone, to me it's borderline malware or worm, I mean I go to download one app, get another app that has multiple reports of bricking phones. I think these terms may be a bit harsh but I can't think of any others that apply to this situation.

    I'm really having a tough time understanding why this dev would try to screw his existing customers just because they don't want to install some third-party software with a marginal reputation...

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    Default Disgusted
    Hi Guys...this has prompted me to join the forum and warn others.

    I "was" a happy user of Intelliscreen. It made Jailbreaking all worthwhile.

    Today I saw the 2.55 intelliscreen update so decided to upgrade. I "should" have checked the forum first.

    I was suprised needless to say when I started seeing these popups about ROCKMYPHONE start appearing and that my licenses will be auto transferred. I didn't think too much of it, as long as it worked

    Anyway, my upgrade crashed in the middle. Just after I created a ROCK ID. So now Intelliscreen does not work....keeps asking me to sign in.

    Tried reinstalling, creating a manual rock id...etc. Nothing worked. same stupid message about having to log in, even though i gave

    I absolutely refuse to install this 2nd rockyourphone jailbreak on my phone.

    So now I'm off intelliscreen and will probably install LockSreen.

    Be warned guys, if you try upgrade to 2.55, you may just lose the lot.

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    Thats some bs. I dont use IS but i would lose it if they spammed me with that crap

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    Default Still not happy

    By uninstalling and reinstalling intelliscreen I managed to get it working. But it also installed the rockyourphone app and removed intelldial

    So although working im still unhappy.

    I'm very tempted to remove the lot and just install lock calendar

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    It's absolutely amazing, I've never seen anyone try so hard to turn mostly happy existing customers into the biggest detractors of a product. Crazy...

    Now that this is on one of Cydia's default respoitories, should the maintainer of the repository have any responsibility for apps that basically backdoor other apps like this? Especially something as controversial as Rock Your Phone? Now I absolutely check every dependency (thanks again Broomhead) before installing an app in Cydia, but I don't think most users would even know what that means. The other side to that coin is that repository maintainers get into the same gray-area that the Apple Store is in with an 'approval process' or app censorship, but for every repository that would have 'rules' about this sort of thing, there would be others that don't. Is there a greater responsibility to the 'default' repositories that are installed with Cydia? I'm not sure...
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    wow... i insttalled the rock your phone app just to see what it was.. (shoulda read up on it first) and immediately uninstalled it.... fortunately i had no problems removing it ... its too bad something like intelliscreen fell victim to shovelware, add-on, borderline spyware/malware crap.

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    you sure it installed all right - many people complain about a completely wrecked phone afterwards with only restore as the only possibility


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    I too am disappointed that Intelliscreen, MyProfiles and other Intelliborn applications will require for all future updates, but I do understand and can accept why.

    Intelliscreen and Myprofiles has been, and will most likely be the only Jailbreak Application I purchase. Most other Cydia app.'s are free, but dont offer much more hen a hack. It doesn't surprise me to see a real "store" (Rock Your Phone) for the Jailbreak community. Instead of calling the malware, maybe we should all wait and see if any other developers jump on to offer some "REAL" applications for jailbroken phones with hopes of making a few $$ for there work.

    The looks to be very nice so far, and certainly makes it possible for a "Jailbreak" developer to license software without intervention. may be the future if Cydia doesn't build a "REAL" store. And a Store is what the jailbreak community needs!

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    well I jumped today

    Yesterday - update form 2.32 to 2.55 via Cydia -this installed Rockapp too
    Today -update to 2.56 via Rockapp - all fine
    Trick -maybe - if you upgrade via Cydia - upgrade rockextension first


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    Default I don't understand... Well, I partially understand.
    I don't understand the issues with Rock. Why are you guys so against it? I chose Rock instead of Cydia this time, because Cydia is so damned slow.

    I do understand the fervor against the developer for installing Rock, essentially without permission, so we're on the same page there. My question is, "What's so bad about Rock?"

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    really old thread here...

    these people had issues a long time ago. rock is solid. some don't like it becuase they had a bad experience a long time ago and are not willing to try it again.
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    Yeah Rock is way better than the old days. I use it more than cydia now days

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