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Thread: Microsoft Buying SwirlyMMS & Cydia

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    Default Microsoft Buying SwirlyMMS & Cydia
    Just got this as a text from Swirly MMS. April Fools Joke?

    Microsoft buys SwirlySpace as well!

    In a further attempt to catch up with Apples unprecedented success with
    its iPhone, Microsoft decided to buy SwirlySpace AB. Mr S
    Ballmer and the directors of SwirlySpace had a fruitful meeting on
    Avenyn in Gothenburg earlier today (2009-04-01) and came to an
    agreement. This is the second major involvement in the iPhone
    community made by Microsoft today. Earlier this morning, Mr J Freeman
    announced that Microsoft will also buy Cydia
    ( Microsoft · Cydia ).

    SwirlySpace AB
    Developers of SwirlyMMS, the only true MMS application on the iPhone.
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    this is not a joke. Watch video on you tube

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    A youtube search for "cydia microsoft" "swirly microsoft" "jay freeman microsoft" and "saurik microsoft" come up with nothing. Please link.

    The link given by saurik goes to RickRoll'D Nice
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    I like the app that is windows on the iPhone

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    Of course its an April fools joke!
    run Cydia, click on ''Microsoft buys Cydia'' then click the link ''Jay meets Bill Gates''... the video says it all!

    Do you REALLY think Bill Gates showed up to CTIA, JUST to meet Jay personally??? C'mon....
    Praise the Devs! To each and every one of you who spend your time writing code and making apps for little or no profit... Its YOU that makes the iPhone great, NOT Apple!! From me to you, a million thanks!!

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    it is april fools and it is perfect because he actually is at a convention in vegas

    1) it would be a great move for cydia because apple would never sue Microsoft (again)
    2) i would never use cydia again
    3) bill gates isnt in charge of anything with the company anymore, he is full time with the bill gates foundation

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