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Thread: Summerboard 3

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    Default Summerboard 3
    Post what you hope to see in Summerboard 3 here.

    I hope the option for a landscape layout of the homescreen is available.

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    Man, you faked me out, anyways, I don't ever like to ask for things, just been giving alot, and with the way SummerBoard is right now its been making my ability to theme much simpler and made alot of peoples lives easier.

    The only thing that I would like to see in any future versions would be simply adding the ability to add any png file and/or theme related files to the theme folder and it would know to use them. For example changing the slider buttons etc... not just icons and wallpapers. But thats probably to much to ask for those hard working guys.

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    Summerboard is a great app as it is. The dev team has really made an extension of the iPhone GUI that I can't do without now. Having said that, I humbly suggest the following:

    Prefs accessed via iPhone settings menu (possible?)
    Repositionable Dock (place at top, side, etc)
    Change default home screen orientation (natural top = vol buttons side, etc)
    Rotate icons and labels per accelerometer
    Change icon label font
    XML conf file for add/remove home icons.

    RE badboybill's previous post, changing UI elements with PNGs: Rather than extend Summerboard farther than the home screen, I'd prefer a separate app. Like a "SummerUI", or something... ooh, I want a quarter, every time someone says it. :P

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    Most deff a way to hide all icons under the dock. Meaning, u would scroll down and all ur icons would show up.

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    i like the idea of having one application that has the potential to incorporate all of the elements of a theme (slider, text, sounds, random pngs, ect...), and more importantly allowing you to choose which of those elements you would like to use in each theme

    however i really prefer the way that iSwitcher lets you see your theme before you install it

    for me the ultimate theming app would be one that had the iSwitcher interface and the existing summerboard preferences (plus some more options) and that had the potential to replace any system file you wanted as long as it was included in the theme
    I am the MacBook Pro

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    what i would love is maybe 2 row of software and the rest of the screen for display agenda view for the next days! and multiple pages for the rest of the application

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    Outboard theme editor - allow the creation of themes from a Mac (or, I supposed if one had to Windoze).

    Thanks for a great app!

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    I would love to be able to scroll horizontaly like pages. It would be really nice because I think I would like the look of a horizontal scroll much better.

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    when you rotate your phone... it turns to cover flow with your apps!!!

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    I'd like to see some type of plist in the Themes directory for controlling the advanced options per theme.

    Possibly a DisplayOrder.plist option in Themes as well.

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    I hate this thread, everytime I see it I think an updates out.

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    -take away the Prefs icon and just incorporate it all into the settings app
    -coverflow for your apps when you turn horizontal
    --or just make a horizontal view of the springboard, not coverflow

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    Mabye add a dockswap in there because it screwed over my entire dock when i installed summerboard 2.0 and i cant have the dock back from gunmetal 4.0 unless i grab it and reput it in the iphone

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    ill bring this up again, how hard could it be to change Carrier logo's as easy as it is to change icons and themes? I have tons that i like to change that'd be a great addition
    Hit Thanks!

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    Before I start my list of gripes, wants, etc. let me start by saying this really is and continues to be more of, a crucial app for me every day. The guys who work on this have done a fantastic job on it and I am continually impressed with what they come up with. That said, like everyone I do have a few things I wish for...

    Needs (ok need is a strong word but these are my top items)
    1. Functionality similar to "Scroll Snap" but rather than snap per row of icons have it snap at each page.
    2. Related to the above have the ability to skip the last row on each page, not just the first page.

    1. Horizontal scrolling or vertical scrolling option
    2. rSBT integrated as part of summerboard settings
    3. Theme preview (you have to apply themes to see what they look like right now)

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    Shouldn't this be in Discussion?

    This is for "Launches" meaning it has already launched.

    and yes I get mad too because when I see this, I think it was released.

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    Talking :)
    i'm so glad you made the five icon dock setting.

    i'd like to see a skip multiple rows function because i like to have only two rows of icons on the springboard
    Vertical/horizontal scrolling option would be great, too. especially if i could keep it to just two rows. (i like to see my background) :]

    Is there a way to add themes to the smb prefs pain?

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    I'd love to see a "Today" type of view available, either as part of the screen or available from some gesture/button.

    This view would show agenda items, call log, to do list..etc..

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    ...Tabs. Yeah, tabs would be cool.

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    The only concern I have is when deleting the icon text on the Dock, it lowers the dock items slightly and slightly displays the springboard apps in the background. Very Annoying.


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