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Thread: Summerboard 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by sc0tr View Post
    i'm so glad you made the five icon dock setting.

    i'd like to see a skip multiple rows function because i like to have only two rows of icons on the springboard
    Vertical/horizontal scrolling option would be great, too. especially if i could keep it to just two rows. (i like to see my background) :]

    Is there a way to add themes to the smb prefs pain?
    I would love to skip multiple rows, I like the clean look.

    Edit-Oh, maybe a multiple desktop button. Press it, and it will cycle through custom desktops.
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    I'd like to replace the dock with iPod controls, would simply my life when driving and listening to iPod thru the car speakers.

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    easy and lighten on the resources/memories...

    adding more stuff and features might increases it...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth1029 View Post
    when you rotate your phone... it turns to cover flow with your apps!!!
    I second that!
    "The glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."

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    After upgrading to Summerboard 3, every now and then when I go back to the home screen, everything freezes. I have to to a hard reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crewxp View Post
    After upgrading to Summerboard 3, every now and then when I go back to the home screen, everything freezes. I have to to a hard reset.
    How'd you get SummerBaord 3?!
    It's not even out yet?!

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    1. Option to scroll sideway would be nice (instead of just up and down)
    2. Option to rearrange the order of your icons would be nice

    I'll think up some more.

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    the biggest improvement I would like to see is with "hot" sim swapping. If I try to swap sims without turning the phone off(my phone is unlocked) summerboard need's to be restarted. without summerboard installed the phone handles the sim swap no problem. just seems that summerboard doesn't like it.

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    Default Few Ideas
    This hasn't been asked before, but I would think that it would be easy to implement: It's cool how the Summerboard slides down when I open an app, but I prefer the standard exploding icons thing that happens with Springboard, so that would be a good option.

    The "Icons Under Dock" option needs to be changed so that icons come out of the very top of the dock area, but do not show up at the bottom. This is a problem when using themes like Leopard and Panther, because there is text behind the dock labels, which looks really tacky.

    A horizontal view would be nice, but cover flow would look stupid, even if everyone made super high rez icons (it's probably hard to implement as well, since Apple spent years to code it).

    If some of the greatest iPhone dev minds could team up... it would be nice to have Summerboard, rSbT, DockSwap, etc. all team up to make one fully integrated app.

    It might create some confusion with this late in the game, but I still think the name should be changed to SpringRoll. It achieves the the same sense of word play the current name has, but also describes what it does (credit to TUAW).

    Finally, I must thank the developer(s?) of Summerboard... who have done a great job thus far. He (she/they?) made an absolute must install for anyone with an iPhone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briansage View Post
    Summerboard is a great app as it is. The dev team has really made an extension of the iPhone GUI that I can't do without now.
    Summerboard is not from the dev team. It's from Ig, the same person who wrote AppTapp/

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    I would love for it to be able to change more than just the homepage... I have themes i would like to use that would change the dialer, the sliding icons for unlocking and turning off, ect...

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    and more bugs fix
    sometimes I get an entire black home screen
    leaving me not to able to access anything
    and have to restart the phone everytime


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    I loaded summmerboard to my Iphone using appinstaller, however my Wi Fi does not work and IF I uninstall it, Wi Fi working OK, does it a set up for Wi Fi after you load summnerboard?

    OT, I also loaded nullriver ringtone pack, but can not see them in ringtone

    Please advice


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    it seems like i don't get a black screen if i keep the default theme
    so could it be buggy with the theme?


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    I would absolutely love to see themes for the ENTIRE iPhone User Interface. Everything. Not just the Home Screen.

    Home screen Widgets a-la WinMo 6 would be insane, like Cal events or a 5 Favorite numbers or something to that extent. That would make this feel like a true smartphone.

    Horizontal Home orientation would be great, I also think being able to scale down the UI to allow for more usable space would be great.

    Also, Ability to rearrange icons simply by dragging them around and locking them in.

    Smoother scrolling with tons of apps would be cool as well, it gets choppy on the 4th or 5th page.

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    Just 1 thing:

    Return the original "fly-in" animation at least as a choice... I like it better than the scroll up animation when we went to the menu

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    Default SummerBoard 3
    I think it would be pretty cool to see the Dock icons scroll leftto right or like cover flow.

    or maybe even seeall the icons scroll left to right horizontal as an option

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    just the basics

    1. possibility to rename apps/ icon labels

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattulus View Post
    just the basics

    1. possibility to rename apps/ icon labels
    You could do that if you go into the Applications folder in WinSCP or Finder on your phone, and rename the font to (whatever you want).app

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    how about a background changer on the go from your picture folders... (the background under the icons)

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