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Thread: Can I use my iphone browser to install apps?

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    Default Can I use my iphone browser to install apps?
    I am using iPhoneBrowser (v1.5.2.0) and it does recognize my iphone as jailbroken. I can drag an app from my desktop to the iphone, and it copies.. but that's all that happens.. I can't find the app (or folder) that I copied on the iphone itself (it does show in the browser)... Is there any way of installing apps using an iphone browser?

    Can I add NES roms using the browser? Just trying to figure out how I can use the browser and what it is for exactly.


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    Yes you can. I do it all the time. Copy the application folder to your /private/var/Applications directory or depending on your firmware of course and then you have to set the propper permisions for the app usually 0755. I use mobilefinder for that directly on the phone. You can also use winscp and do everything wirelessly including setting permissions.
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    That's great, I may have to hit you up for more information about setting permissions in the near future!

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    No problem anytime. I also backup apps regulary especially the ones installed with installer so you won't get any surprizes with updates that turn free apps into commercial.
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    Okay so i got everything to work except when i make the folders and put the apps in them then restart my iphone and the icon doesnt show uo (trying to install Customize)
    what do i do?

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    just use winscp when you want to install apps unless its through installer. then set all the files permissions to 0755 by right clicking>properties

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    Hello am a complete newbie so please be patience i am trying to install apps to my iphone but have no idea how do it as i dont understand all these codes and everyone talks like the other person is suppose to know these things NOT me ha ha

    please can someone help me out how to get the best frommy iphone


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