what are the app's that you really and I mean "really" use?

in my case app's:

Intelliscreen, LockDockBar, Calendar, eWallet, ispend, iCallBR, IM+, MenstrualCalendar(for my wife of course), MySMS, Notes, To DO's, WritePadNotes and Clock.

of course they are utilities(like Categories, WinterBoard, PowerTool, BossPrefs, BossTool) and toogles (like WifiToggle, swapBT) that I use.

App's I dont use a lot but I think they are great to have it: Cycorder, SwirlyMMS, ibluetooth, Converter, FlashLight, Dictionary and SwapCameraRoll.

Eventhougt there are a lot of app's and I have a lot of them installed I think those are what I realy use...