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Thread: This community really angers me

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    cpjr i wouldnt mind one bit if you closed this thread

    it is completely useless to argue over some dumb *** statement like all apps should be free that was posted by someone who obviously has no idea about the way society works.

    gomer : i cant understand why you think you have the upper hand in this disscussion, you arent wasting your time we are wastin ours with kids like yourself and jomann

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaMan_Fool View Post
    Why don't you STFU? I am just telling it like it is. Programmers work hard and have the right to charge for their product. Why are you even part of a community that doesn't condone warez. You my friend are a theif.
    1. I'm not your friend.
    2. I don't steal apps. Never have, never will. I'm not cheap. A couple bucks for a decent app is a small price to pay.
    3. I wasn't agreeing that apps should be free. I simply told someone to not get so offended by your pathetic remarks and I called you a troll.
    4. You ARE a troll.
    5. GTFO

    Quote Originally Posted by him121213
    gomer : i cant understand why you think you have the upper hand in this disscussion, you arent wasting your time we are wastin ours with kids like yourself and jomann
    gomer713 never said he agrees with Jomann. Go back and read his first post carefully.

    I thought you were above demeaning people, but I guess I was wrong. BTW, gomer already stated he was 27, making him an ADULT for 9 years now.

    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr
    How bout everybody cool off, otherwise we can close the thread.
    Please do. This thread only welcomes flaming. No one can have a friendly conversation on a topic like this.
    Last edited by Channan; 2009-03-21 at 08:56 PM.
    Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by him121213 View Post
    gomer : i cant understand why you think you have the upper hand in this disscussion, you arent wasting your time we are wastin ours with kids like yourself and jomann
    lemme clear this up: by me saying that it's a waste of MY time means that i'm seeing ourselfs going in circles. you don't understand me or i don't understand you or a little of both. if you think your wasteing your time then stop replying.i could imagine all the people stopping by to read this and laughing cuz it's to the point of repeating ourselfs in different words. ain't no body giving me YOUR time but you! same goes for me. that is way i stated it's a waste of MY time. because you think i should be kissing your ***

    another thing, let me tell you a little about myself..I was born in the city of Boston,MA. i moved to San Antonio,TX when i was five and grew up there. from there i graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute, joining the Marine Corps. I got back from Iraq 2 years ago,after spending 5 years there. Gomez is my last name and Ruben is my first, everyone in my platoon called me GomeR. 713 was the date my bestfriend gave his life in battle and honor, so people like you can have the freedom you have.. includeing the right to speech.i have yet to disrespect anyone one this thread.if i did i don't know how but i apoligize cuz it wasn't intended. anyway next time your gonna go and call someone out on being a kid, think about it before, cuz you know nothing about me.

    i don't think i have the upper hand i never applied that, much less say it. the only way i can get the "upper hand" is if someone gives it to me. now you applied the statment of me thinkin i have this upper hand and my question to you is what makes you think you have it? because you have more posts then me? because you've been here longer? let me tell you somethin just cuz i've joined here a mere few months ago doesn't mean i don't have a passion for things like the iPhone nor does it give you the right to compare me to the dude that started this thread and has yet to defend it!

    on a good day i would say yeah apps should be paid for IF the dev wants to charge for it.i don't agree with anything Jemann says so i don't know where that is comeing from. i don't want to get on this subject but you guys keep grillin me for it, Clippy is and was free to me NOBODY has asked me to pay for it. i haven't got a cracked version or i know i'm not a "theif".i got it directly from Cydia. so with that being said, It is still in Beta and IT was knowningly released to the GENERAL public. which means its going to get the general publics opinions whether they are ignorant or inspiring. that is the way of the world. people can talk alot of sh*t all day long especially behind a computer screen. so i shouldn't have to say this but don't be surprised if people are going to knock your hard work like this Jemann did (which i'm still getting the heat for)

    cpjr your the last person i would disrespect you should know that from all the times you help me if i'm not typeing clearly enough or its misleading or said something other than my opinion.that would otherwise be ignorant then yeah i think this thread should be closed.cuz i've said all that i need to say or gonna say
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    To live, you have to lie

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    This thread is the epitome of human stupidity.

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    well i think we have come to the decision that jomann can go rot in pirate hell, and we will stop demeaning ourselves by continuing this thread

    im done

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    gomer i agree with u. u never said anything about app being free so everyone who is flaming u is extreamly stupid because they clearly cant read cough *daman* cough... but still apps should be payed for because a lot of hard work goes into them and dev's just want too get a little for their hard work.

    gomer just dont listen to them daman is a troll and has no idea what he is saying.

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    *walks in* *dodges chair thrown at the door* *walks out*

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    Thread closed.

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