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Thread: demo:live streaming/tv on iphone

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    Default demo:live streaming/tv on iphone
    Who wants live streaming on their iphone?

    I do, so have been working on it. Managed to get a demo working, shown on youtube here:

    [ame=""]YouTube - tv on my iphone[/ame]

    Audio needs work. But runs along at 70% cpu at 20 fps.

    Thoughts? Who wants one, or is it just me?!
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    i know i want one finally something to shut up these n95 users with their Slingbox

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    Fantastic! I'll take 2.

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    omg if thats real i want it badly!

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    yes its real. 10 second or so delay from buffering of video, but its true streaming. lot more work to get it ready for others to go play, just wanted to get reaction!

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    very cool
    what video format does it run with?

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    whats with the white noise at the beginning (11seconds in) as just before taht it seems to be showing the news then goes to white noise?

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    Looks awesome, Cant wait. Keep us posted on your progress.

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    im interested in trying it out

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    when? update me please!!
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    MOST definitely interested. This and activesync would make the Iphone complete.

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    please post the app so we can try it out

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    llol_slim - white noise is while buffering video for playback.
    shaybaba- format? secret - you wouldn't believe me.

    when? the SDK doesn't support live streaming, so there is still a reason to do this. Depends how much time i have to make it. audio next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonestream View Post
    llol_slim - white noise is while buffering video for playback.
    is that in for effect? If so, it's a nice touch.
    I'd loveto see a release of some sort

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    ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want tv on my touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think more than 50% wanna have tv on the iphone /touch!!!!!!!!!
    Keep working and keep rocking cause u rock!!!!!!!!!
    i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok there are too much exclamation points but you deserve them all + 1!

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    Is this a port of the SlingBox mobile software?

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    For this..... I will Pay!
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    RTP H.264 stream?

    If so I could use that next week for a demo of my encoder...

    So there is room for such a program.

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    i dunno wth are they gonna do with the battery life with all this new **** coming. I got like 10 apps and quite a few summerboard themes and my battery DRAINS. Now streaming tv, I don't think anybody will watch more than 30 minutes straight, itll probably take a quarter out.

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