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Thread: swap tunes?

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    Cool swap tunes?
    i run swap tunes it runs it only goes for like 5 sec and then closes is it something im doing? or is it the app?

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    Default It's Quick
    It's basically renaming a couple of directories (the iTunes Library) to enable you to switch between two sets of sync'ed music and such. It doesn't have to "copy and delete" the music around.

    This allows you to sync up to two separate machines. Or, like me, to sync with a single machine with two different sets of playlists (keeping the PG and R stuff separate and the swaptunes icon hidden).

    Of course you only have access to one of the Libraries at a time.

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    im having the same problem, i uploaded a playlist on a different computer and i think it deleted all my music that i stored on my iphone already. Your explain more, cause i dont think its working at all

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    You have to select the Library you want to sync with on the iPhone before sync'ing with you're machine otherwise it will delete everything that's been sync'ed from the other machine.

    The only way to check which Library iPhone is using is to go to the iPod applicatoin on the iPhone and see what it is. I which this app would show a screen of the two libraries (named???) and show which is currently selected and allow switching to the other..this would also open the app up to being able to have more than two libraries it manages vs just switching between two. Still, I think it's a useful app. -Michael.

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    You need to make sure you have the bsd subsystem installed for this app to work. I have this app installed on my iphone and it works great. I use this between my mac and laptop.

    - Garrett

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    I installed this app and it works, but I was unable to use any of the apps I have from AppStore while it was installed.

    Once I removed it they worked again, anyone else have this issue?

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    i was having an error in which i would swap my libraries but when i re-swaped it showed that i had no content on my ipod. I then looked into itunes and it showed that i had 6.35gigs of media but it was all an orange bar please help!!!!!

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    I ran swaptunes, but instead of making two separate libraries, it literally doubled all music and videos I currently had. I even checked in my used and available capacity amd the amount of songs and videos I had had doubled.

    I have a 32GB iPhone. At the time, I was using about a third of my storage space in music and videos alone, and after I ran swaptunes, I had less than a third of my memory available.

    Can someone here PLEASE help me undo whatever the hell this app did to my phone?

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