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Thread: Which mods are slowing me down the most?

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    Default Which mods are slowing me down the most?
    I'm just wondering which winterboard theme / springboard mod is draining my free memory the most. I notice that sometimes when i try to start an application, it interprets my 'tap' as a 'hold' and makes the apps wiggle. This and a general sluggishness on the springboard and longer boot times. I would like to get rid of the top memory drainers.

    Here's what i have checked in winterboard.
    Live Clock - animated clock on springboard
    User Wallpaper
    UnUnlockable - hides the 'slide to unlock'
    transparent dock
    no dock icon labels
    statusbar weather icon - the live weather in my statusbar
    7/10 times i open MemTool it shows around 5 mb free. When it cleans i can get up to 33-37mb, but instantly drops down 10mb even when i just switch to a new tab within MemTool.

    Appreciate any advice you guys have. I have a feeling that 'user wallpaper' is the largest offender.

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    Anything "live" or a widget or animation... anything that constantly updates is draining your memory. If you have apps such as intelliscreen these are big drains too. Additionally you need to limit your mobile substrate apps like SB settings, quickgold, an alternative SMS app... etc etc. You need to have at least 15MB free at all times to run apps without crashing.

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    I use bosspreffs over sbsettings because it doesn't run in memory, same with bitesms over that new quicksms. No intelliscreen either.
    i'll try removing the clock mod, the weather doesn't seem too 'live'...

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