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Thread: App in both Cydia AND App Store?

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    Default App in both Cydia AND App Store?
    I recently downloaded an app called Discover from Cydia. I am in the Apple Store right now, and right above me is a picture containing the apps icon. Imagine my surprise. So I go on the App Store and, behold, there it is. I tried to install it...but it tried overwriting the Cydia one!

    Any idea what's going on???

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    are you saying that there is an app that you downloaded in cydia but you also see it in the app store? if so is this cydia one legal?
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    That's exactly what I'm saying. Discover is in both Cydia and the App Store. Like I said, I noticed it because I have the Cydia one installed, then today at the Apple Store I was looking at the big poster thing they have on the wall with the iPhone and all of the app icons, and I saw the Discover icon and i was like WTF???? So I went on the App Store, and there it was. Then I tried installing it and the phone tried overwriting the Cydia one!!!

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    Its signed by the Dev team
    I have it and in itunes it had an upgrade was available and then it showed it was already installed? Wierd
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    the dev probably put it on cydia before the appstore accepted it

    just contact him if you are that interested... its hosted by modmyi so i would imagine that pf knows

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    The Cydia version can access your full filesystem - the AppStore version is restricted to the sandbox Apple allows. They are from the same author.

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