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Thread: UCWEB - alternative browser, needs translation

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    Default UCWEB - alternative browser, needs translation

    Hello guys,

    Like memtool, UCWEB is another unknown chinese gem

    i have used ucweb on other phones, namely the java version. there is also a native symbian version.

    what makes it special is that it uses a server to process websites before sending them to the iphone, in compressed form, just like opera is said apple refused opera mini for the iphone, well we have now access to something similar!
    ucweb is much less data hungry, faster, uses less ram, and much more stable than safari

    however it does not reproduce sites as good as safari or opera mini, and it is so far only in chinese

    it is specially usefull for people, like me, that dont have decent 3g data plans, or people needing raw speed for web browsing. it supports landscape, tabs, etc

    so far i figured out how to input adresses, use search tools, use tabs, however, it would be nice if someone with chinese skills showed how to use bookmarks, turn off images, change other settings

    even better: an english translation

    to get ucweb add this source:

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    if you have it installed, try removing the lproj or similar folder that makes the chinese language, and see wht you get.

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    where should i find that folder???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocchiararo View Post
    if you have it installed, try removing the lproj or similar folder that makes the chinese language, and see wht you get.
    I downloaded it and there isn't an lproj folder at all. I poked around in the other files and I didn't see where the language was set.

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    Here is a tutorial to use bookmarks with it

    Cui - On My Way UCWEB: A Wap Browser for iPhone

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    In case you are interested, there is 3.x compatible version now, with new UI

    mobilegeekdom: UCWEB - the only non-webkit based browser for iphone
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    just noticed this, while acessing (just an example), UCWEB uses 6kb, mobile safari 64kb...this is why it is so usefull for people with crap data plans (i have only 150mb a month)

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    any news on an english version?

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