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Thread: UserAgent Faker

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    Default UserAgent Faker
    Installed this utility via Cydia. Its not doing what its supposed to do which is "trick" websites into thinking your iPhone is a desktop browser so you can see the full "non-mobile" version. Has anyone gotten it to work?

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    it doesnt work for alot of sites

    the only one i have been able to use it with is google

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    I've used it, and it's worked fine for me...

    Are you *totally* exiting Safari before turning UserAgentFaker on? (Hold the home button till Safari closes, or kill it with the Processes SBSettings widget).

    If it works for one site, surely it ought to work for them all?
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    Yeah its pretty strange. I killed it like you said and activated AgentFaker but it still keeps taking me to the mobile version of the websites. Is there any modifications I need to make to the plist file for AgentFaker?

    I found what it was. I had to check off the AgentFaker app in my Intelliscreen performance section. Works now!
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    ill try that

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    Just figured out 1 thing. You can not access the iTunes store through your phone unless you turn off the AgentFaker. I was wondering what the heck was going on.

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    You also can't watch YouTube vids in Safari and you get an error when emailing a link to a page, which sends when you open the Mail app.

    Anyone know how some sites STILL know you're using a phone while using UAFaker? ModMyi forums and Sling Media's website being two examples.
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    Hey all, I just downloaded user agent do you turn it on? I don't see an icon for it on my iPhone anywhere!



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    Have you looked in SBsettings?????
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    Finally figured out how to get sbsettings on...I turned it on...went to my webiste where we clock in for now lets me get to the login part because of the user faker...where as before it told me I had an iphone and wouldn't even let me login...however when I login it gives an object reference close yet so far...wish there was a way around a firefox browser haha.


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    Default Links won't open
    I've checked the settings and everything after installing it, but it won't open any links. It will perform a search, but tapping on the results literally does nothing.

    Does anyone have this issue?

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