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Thread: Either MySMS or Quickgold just killed my iphone 2.2 Twice!!!!

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    Default Either MySMS or Quickgold just killed my iphone 2.2 Twice!!!!
    I received a txt, tried to open it with mysms, mysms keep loading.. I pressed home, back to springboard, all black, wallpaper didnt load, start mysms again, and some how i think quickgold is triggered.. phone froze, hard reboot. Stop at apple logo, then reboot itself, and continued the loop...

    Restored.. installed mysms first, nothing happen.. after installed quickgold, restart springboard froze, it reboot itself after 10min, again stuck in the boot loop..

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    SAME HERE!!! i dont know what quickgold is... but last night i opened mysms and same thing happened to me.

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    Same here, opened mySMS the phone froze. When restarted was stuck at boot screen. Had to restore the phone to fix the problem.

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    Well I have run quickgold on every firmware from 2.0+ with irealsms with no issues so looks like there is a conflict with mySMS. ALL of you need to report this to the dev of mySMS so he knows there's a bug.

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    do yall have mysms running in background? maybe they are overeating memory. Quickgold is a memory hog and makes it hard to background anything. Or at least it was for me, thats why i removed it.

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    Yea... same here. The funny thing is I opened MySMS and it froze. So I held the home button down till it quit, then tried to uninstall it on Cydia. Restore with tons of data lost bc last backup was 12/16/08. D:

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    I also had this problem a few days ago (had mySMS installed).

    was forced to restore and haven't installed mySMS yet... no problems so far

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    Sorry to hear that guys. Thank g** I use iRealSMS
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.

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    It's actually now official. The newest MySMS (the cracked one) has some sort of a protection and will corrupt your iPhone beyond any repair without a restore.


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    yet another reason not to use cracked apps.

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    Yeah if you are running cracked mysms that's why it messed up. That's why you buy it it's only 5 bucks...

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    ive had some issues with memory when using quick gold

    but it never crashed me

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