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Thread: Do you NEED a PDF reader?

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    Default Do you NEED a PDF reader?
    I set up this poll to let possible Devs know how badly it might be needed.

    I personally need it for work....

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    I don't need it. I rarely use pdf for anything. I hate acrobat or anything like it with a passion. >:E


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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnywala View Post
    I set up this poll to let possible Devs know how badly it might be needed.

    I personally need it for work....
    um, i can read pdf files just fine on my phone. Have you tried opening a pdf from an email attachment? Or are you refering to a seperate app to read and store pdf (which you can't download pdf's or any files from safari anyway).
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    I find them useful for things like subway maps (NYC, Boston, England) and train schedules. Having quick document access to reference material is better than trying to find it online then bookmarking or the like, especially as many rail systems don't have reception (Metro comes to mind). Do I need it now? Not really. It does have it's place though. Just my 2 cents. D

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    At the moment I'm using the Apache/Safari way - combined with mail attachments this is better than nothing, but a useful PDF reader is the thing I now miss the most on the iPhone. Every ebook for university is PDF or CHM and they tend to be up to 70 mb sized ("Safari can't open the page because it is too large"). So a PDF reader with search and page jump options opening even large files would be extremely nice I will donate $25 to the creators.

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    I also have been wondering where to send money for the creation of this!
    if i saw even a very very early beta i would send some money!

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    a PDF reader is the one missing function that I'm dying for.i already have a few large PDFs on my phone, a native PDF reader would be killer! (I'm looking at you mobile preview!)

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    This is a critical application!!!

    I am a musician so being able to store my scores on my iPhone is essential and I use pdf for almost everything it is the one crossplatform format that will look the same on anything, please someone create a PDF reader!!

    Thanks to all of the developers for their amazing work thus far!!

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    I dont really use them, but if it helps you, than why not

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    same here, i think i would use it most for work.

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    It should just be rolled into one big eBook program.

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    Yes please I have been dying for a pdf/chm app as I have tons of technical ebooks for work, IT, that I would love to have stored for reference so I won't have to run back to my pc but have them with me 24/7! I would donate as well!!!

    Would be nice if we could get an all in one app...Books maybe

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    almost all of the documents i read are in PDF or .DOC Format

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    THis is a must have, I wish they add this pdf capability into Ebooks. I do a lot of CAD drawings and I always transfer them to PDF files for distribution. WIth native pdf reader, I will be able to check out my clients project. I would definitely donate on this one!

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    I read PDFs just fine in mail. but if there was a way to store files on this iphone and view them seprate from mail that would be nice, PDF is good but word, excel, PPT is better Pages, Numbers and keynote even better.

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    I've got a number of ebooks on my iphone now and I enjoy reading on it. Here's the problem though: you look like you are having a seizure when you are rapid-scrolling through 250 pages. Page jump would be massive. Having to rescroll through the entire pdf when safari crashes is extra great.

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    For books

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    I consider this as important as Flash support, screenshots, FTP software... Many companies put technical documents in PDF form. I will use it for that...

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    It would be great to have menus and schedules handy - also to read books that don't function in plain-text format.

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