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Thread: Do you NEED a PDF reader?

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    What directory is the pdf viewer app looking in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shizzabrick View Post
    What directory is the pdf viewer app looking in?
    It's looking in ~/Media/PDF

    Like I say, it finds the files and lists them, it just can't open them. I guess I'll continue to use Safari for now as well.

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    Default actually there is a new pdfviewer version 3
    you have to go to nates site to download it. It works even with my pdfs that are 400 megs in size. Only thing is that it needs to be able to jump to pages, needs a find tool, being able to zoom from anywhere on the page and not just from the top and a landscape view. But, it actually works. I have thousand of pdfs on my phone now. Thx you whoever developed the latest one

    So I went to there site and got the latest one. Version 2 is on ericas site and the installer. You have to go to nates site to get the latest one
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    Yes, the new version works flawlessly. I read full books (hundreds of pages) on my iPhone every day! They need to keep developing this though, flipping through a couple hundred pages is getting rediculous...

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    Default yea its not available under the installer from my iphone
    So I went to there site and got the latest one. Version 2 is on ericas site and the installer. You have to go to nates site to get the latest one

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    The new verison works great; even on a 1.7 mb file... now it it would just rotate, so i could read a whole line when I enlarge the file enough to read it

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    HOw exactly do you install the file. I copied the folder into the /Applications folder in iphone. is there anything else that i need to do?

    i also copied the PDF files that i want to view in /Media/PDF as well.

    I see the PDFViewer icon in Springboard but when i open the Viewer, its blank. doesnt show anything. not even the file names.

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    1.7 megs? Did you not see me say it works with my 388 megabyte file.

    Oh yea, I used winscp(SSH) to transfer my files

    that's pretty much everything I did. But, I've only done it on 1.1.1 Firmware. I downloaded the .tar file. Extracted in its entirety. Went through the build folder. Copied the folder to /Applications and changed the permissions Octal code to 0755.

    I put my pdf files in /var/root/Media/PDF. All with octal codes 0755. IT usually is 0755 when you copy a file, but I transferred a few things that were not. So, I just like to make sure. Restarted the phone. Sometimes you may need to restart it twice. Make sure there are no errors that pop up like disk is full. May have to delete something if you have too many applications. I only have 14 megs worth of apps. And have 360 megs worth of freespace left out of the 7.2 gigs.

    Oh and make sure its version .3 from nates and not version .2 from erica.

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    sorry ...i did see your 388 mb ...i must have been spacing at work (mea culpa) ... your PDF is bigger than my PDF ;-)

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    Plz help me with installing it, I did all the steps that you showed ( even restarted twice) but when I open it, everything is blank, nothing showed up on the screen, if you firgure out the problem plz help me with it... really appreciate..

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    yea its huge. But I still cant handle it. lol.

    What version firmware are you using bluephoenixz?

    Yea, thats the same problem i had when i installed from the installer app because it only has version 2 available.

    try it with multiple pdf files as well
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    I need to have PDF reader to view files of the same format on my iphone.
    I used to use a pocket pc before buying the iphone and it included all kinds of readers.
    I not only need the PDF reader but I also need word/excel reader to view all kinds of reports on my iphone.... it helps me alot with my job.

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    Oh my god Im so glad I've solved it hehe... I woke up this morning and firgured since I set the PDFViewer app folder octal code to 0755 I never thought of setting all the files inside the folder to that code, so I tried to set all of them this time and that how it solved my problem, maybe it's the same problem for you d4diesel... Neway thank you very much loujob for showing me those setting up steps... now xcuse me i have to go copy more PDFs to my phone lol

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    I dont know about excel, but i know you can store and view word,pdg,jp,txt files in the documents folder your apache applications (check the installer app, install, then type in the address bar of safari) tells you to make. After that rename the index.html file to indexorg.html to access the files in that folder. Make sure the permission octals codes are set to 0755. But, this space is limited. I'm pretty sure its on the same partition as your applications.

    oh and no problem. Glad I could help

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    Default PDFviewer installed but how to get PDFs onto my ipod
    Have installed PDF viewer on my ipod touch without problem but can't figure out how to actually put PDFs onto my ipod touch. Do I have to do it wirelessly? Is there any way to do it via my desktop as I don't have a wireless network?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Why? Oh, Why!? is there no way to bookmark a page in PDF Viewer. The 2 little icons on the bottom, the mag glass and the four-page button do absolutely nothing. Any ideas? Any at all?

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    haha, i got it to work. although its not very "clean" yet. some buttons like the two in the lower left corner dont do anything (That im aware of)

    i would love for this program to rotate.

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    I use PDFreader cause Im reading a book that I could only find in that format...

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    I would like to use apache to read pdf than the appl as pdf reader

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