First off I want to say that I'm NOT the developer of Clippy! I just wanted to start a thread with desired features in Clippy with hopes that the developer sees it and sees what people desire most and will hopefully implement these features!

I would like two things.

1- pressing the "123" button would bring up ONLY a smaller "open" button on the left hand side of the screen which when pressed would invoke the entire Copy/Paste/Stack/Close menu. This would free up a lot of space that is currently blocked by Clippy and would make it only appear when needed.

2- customization: obviously Clippy doesn't match custom themed keyboards so the ability to theme Clippy to match would be nice! Also the ability to make the pop-up menu shorter as to ALSO have it block less of the screen. I would also like the Stack to be customizable in size. I don't like how it is full screen and would like the option to have it only appear as large as the keyboard so I could still see the text input area when I am choosing something from the Stack.

These are both smaller requests that have nothing to do with the obvious requests like "make it work in Safari, etc" and I feel they aren't really too much to ask for!

What do you guys think? Are there any features that you would like to see, or do you agree with my desires?

Post your thoughts and hopefully Clippy's developer will see this and implement the most desired features! (if this thread gets large enough I am planning on emailing him a link to this thread so we don't have to hope he "stumbles upon" it)