As I'm sure many have found in the past, a sure way to lockup Pwnage is to put in a repo that has the wrong address and then hit refresh. However, I noticed a couple of other things. I was trying to solely use the default repos in Pwnage (BigBoss' has an incorrect address since he moved his domain). Got BB corrected and installed almost everything I wanted. Strange that parts of one theme I was downloading showed up, but not others. Some apps didn't show up either, but strange is strange.

In any case, the only App that had a big issue installing that way was SBSettings. It installed, and after a reboot it even "activated", but when you clicked on "dock", "more" or anything else that was supposed to run another piece of it.... nothing happened. A quick visit to Cydia and a reinstall of the package fixed it all.

So, workaround is obvious, but has this feature in Pwnage ever worked properly? I searched and saw issues with it going back to when it first appeared (2.0 original I think). I'm a HUGE fan of the dev team's work, but if it doesn't work properly, and never has, why leave it in there?