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Thread: Notifier Update & Problems

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    Default Notifier Update & Problems
    There was a recent update to Notifier that seems to have gone un-noticed. There are a couple of issues with it, but I also had a request (know this isn't necessarily the right forum for requests).


    1. If you receive an SMS (using Apple's SMS App) with that particular chat open where you are receiving it, the Notifier icon will turn on and stay on. Only 2 ways to remove it. Either receive a text message while not in the SMS App or Respring.

    2. Unlike the default behavior from Apple if you have the ringtone set to "None" and have Mail Sounds turned off, and you put the phone in vibrate mode it will still vibrate when you receive a text or eMail. Without Notifier installed it will not vibrate if the ringtone is set to none.


    Is it possible to have either an SDK for this, or to have extra hooks for apps that display a badge? i.e., I use a To Do list from the App Store that has a badge, and I use backgrounder to keep it updating, but it might be nice to have an icon in the statusbar for it. Same for AIM or other IM clients. Not to mention Cydia and the App Store icons as well. The possibilities for icons that have notification badges are limitless. Of course, if the coding is possible.

    Thank you for making this App, Spektro. I actually purchased iBlacklist solely to support this App since the things I use in iBL are part of the free section anyway. I would ask the other App developer (since I know you're busy) but StatusNotifier still has the issue where you can't use the call waiting buttons with it installed, which seems to pale my more minor concerns.

    According to Spektro (Developer) there is a new version imminent that addresses some of this.
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    i use ireal sms and i use vibrate and get mail sounds
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    yah the notifier sticking in the corner is annoying. almost makes me wanna turn it off or uninstall it. whata glitch. even after i check it, exit the app its still there
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    It is fixed in the new version. All you have to do is go into the settings App (Reminder) and then go into settings and make sure that only the SMS App that you use is on the monitored list.

    See the link above that I edited into my post for the thread where this is addressed by the Developer.

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