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Thread: List of Native App Requests

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    Default List of Native App Requests
    Wiki Created so you can add your own stuff and not wait for me to add it...

    Here ya go, check this for updated list!

    So I decided I would try and keep a list of App Requests going. If you have a suggestion please just post it here and I will try to update the first post as much as I can. I really didn't see another post like this, if there is I apologize and you can delete this one.

    (x)'s mean they are not done... (Released) means they are

    (x) Stratego
    (x) Monopoly
    (x) Crosswords
    (x) Oregon Trail
    (x) Solitaire
    (x) More Emulators
    (x) Risk
    (x) Texas Hold'em
    (x) Tempest

    (x) Radio
    (x) VLC
    (x) Sirius/XM Tuners
    (x) Podcast Updater
    (x) Slingbox Viewer

    (x) Pocket Sports Center
    (x) Remote Desktop Manager (PC)
    (x) On-phone NES Rom downloader
    (x) Torrent/Limewire?
    (x) IM client with XMPP (Jabber) support
    (x) Browsing Monitor (Info link)
    (x) Safari/E-mail download/save as
    (x) Telnet
    (x) Samba Client
    (x) FTP Client (GUI)
    (x) Other native E-mail services (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc...)
    (x) dynDNS client
    (x) EDGE Traffic Blocker (Info link)

    (x) Dictionary
    (x) Thesaurus
    (x) Translator
    (x) Yellow/White pages
    (Released) To-do List (Info link)
    (x) Scientific/Engineering Calculator
    (x) iSilo reader for medical texts
    (x) .cbr / .cbz comic book reader
    (x) Time and Billing Application (Info link)
    (x) Word/Excel
    (x) Photobooth Effects
    (x) Metronome
    (x) SIP standard based VoIP soft phone
    (x) Graphing calculator

    System Files
    (x) Video Camera
    (x) Landscape every screen
    (x) Bluetooth On/Off
    (x) Enable Stereo Bluetooth
    (x) Video recorder
    (x) WiFi on/off icon
    (x) Icon Hider (Info link)
    (x) Icon Changer (Info link)
    (x) More plugin's for Safari (especially Flash)
    (x) International keyboard or input (ie. Chinese)
    (x) Enable YouTube with high speed/quality on Edge
    (x) File receiving/sending through bluetooth
    (x) Universal Swapping App (Info link)
    (x) Quicksilver (Info link)
    (x) VNCviewer
    (x) JavaME
    (x) Additional video decoders
    (x) Contacts on springboard
    (x) Make profiles on the phone (different volume settings, etc)

    (Released) PhoneSabre - (like macSabre)
    (x) Drums (Info link)
    (x) Guitar Tuner (using built-in mic)

    (x) Nike+ for iPhone
    (x) Wii Remote (Info link)
    (x) Push-to-Talk
    (x) Missed Call Reminder (Phone beeps when you have missed a call)
    (x) Copy and Paste - Guessing Apple might put this in...
    (x) Password Keeper
    (x) Package tracker app
    (x) Flight Tracker
    (x) Voice changer
    (x) Diary
    (x) Search document/webpage
    (x) Mixer/DJ
    (x) Picasa Web Albums Uploader
    (x) Bible
    (x) Stellarium (Info link)
    (x) Gasoline app (Finds cheap gas)

    *If you have a App Request, then please make your post like this;

    Multiple RSS Reader

    *If the title of the app won't give the info on what it does, then provide a link to a thread/site that explains what the app should do.
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    not sure if this qualifies as something that could be done with an app... but has anyone looked onto enabling stereo bluetooth on the iphone??

    i remember when i got my bluetooth earphones - i had to run an update on my g4 powerbook to enable the a2dp profile.

    can something similar be done here??

    if so...

    bluetooth controller

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    I too would like to see:

    System Files
    (x) Bluetooth On/Off

    A way to easily turn on and off the blue tooth. It would also be nice as an extension of the, so you could turn it on and off from inside the phone interface, since that is where it seems to come into play the most.

    (x) Multiple RSS Reader

    Something that functioned similar to the way digg has setup their iPhone site would be great. In fact, a cross between digg's iphone app and the UI of the mail app would be amazing!

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    voice changer
    thesaurus (built in with dictionary?)
    yellow/white pages
    movie times finder
    video recorder?
    On-phone nes rom downloader
    super nes emulator

    I'm sure I could think of more.. Those just popped off the top of my head

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    Added all...

    "movie times finder" There are some good web app's for this, and it would have to connect to the internet anyways...

    "visualizer" What exactly do you mean?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone fletch33's Avatar
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    what about something like this?

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    I'd like to see a Password Keeper, like Apple's Keychain but for the iPhone. Or something like SplashID for the Palm.

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    In addition to the bluetooth toggle, how about

    (System Files)
    WiFi on/off

    A toggle performing the same function. These are mainly for ease of use, there's no reason to be doing 3 or 4 clicks every time you want one of these on or off. Some people need to do what they can to conserve battery.


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    All added to this point.

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    iSilo reader for medical texts

    ScummVM port (it's on every other system I can imagine)

    Media player:

    Flash plugin for Safari
    Bluetooth driver to connect to wireless game controllers (would be super nice for emulators). Or a driver to connect via dock to USB cord (is that even possible?)

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    Default Native App request -- keeping track of internet use & site visits
    There are likely a fair number of potential iPhone users who would benefit from an application that would automatically track their browsing, so that it could not (easily) be disabled.

    There are a few people who may need such an application to help them "keep away" from sites that may be bad for them . Not a "filter", but something that would track browsing habits and not easily be disabled.


    Browsing monitor

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    Default Icons
    How bout one to change the icons natively and download icons natively.
    Where you could download icon by the usage like safari or mail, singlely and not in groups that way to mix and match icons to ones hearts content.

    Icon changer

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    MacSabre for the iPhone

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    Copy and Paste !!!!, example: select text off safari paste in notes ect.
    Safari download/save as...
    random ringtone (from list or iTunes playlist)
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    search for text within a document/webpage would definitely be nifty as well

    and way far off.. but bit torrent

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    Updated to this point.

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    risk the game!!

    also, tuner to listen to Sirius ... like the widget

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    Time and Billing Application

    Click a button when you start a job. Click another when you're done. Have it calculate time and hourly rate for total bill at end of job. Place to keep notes (client name, parts used, etc.). Store entries in a file for later use on computer for billing and accounting purposes.

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    this would also be the ideal thread for people who want to pick up these apps as projects to say so & for people who are interested in helping (like me!) to hook up.

    I'm a multimedia developer - I don't know much cocoa, but am willing to help with graphics, web or server-side aspects.

    I'm also willing to donate free webspace for hosting of projects repositories or server-side apps... for example, a to- do list with a webpage, you can easily log in from either computer or phone (think

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    Updated. And yeah if a developer wants to say they are going to start one, then I will put their name next to it saying they are developing it.

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