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Thread: List of Native App Requests

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    Lightbulb quicksilver for iphone

    an example workflow would be to:

    1) hit the home button (or hidden image area like the, and a spotlight search box pops up.
    2) type the beginning of what you want - a contact, an application, a google search, address, whatever - and a list of results appears.
    3) choose your preferred result, and you're off.

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    search for text within a document/webpage would definitely be nifty as well

    and way far off.. but bit torrent
    I can't help you with bittorrent, but... Searching for text within a page is in a great article about bookmarklets for the iPhone...
    Matter of fact, it's the first one I used and it's fabulous.

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    I'd like a lite version of summerboard. See for an explanation.


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    Default now the the iPhone has a web server, we need to be able to find the server
    dynDNS client

    VNCviewer (now there's VNsea, not yet fully functional, but it's looking good!)

    SIP standard based VoIP soft phone
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    - Additional video decoders that work with the "quicktime" video app and as plug-ins for safari
    - Saving files and pics from safari, email and over bluetooth connections
    - MMS messaging (probably has too be done through apple)

    This is probably the best thred I've seen yet. Great idea!

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    What I mean is when you are in the main screen of the phone. the ability to scroll left or right (like iSwitcher does when browsing different themes), but instead of themes, they are preset applications. (in which you can determine by a setting of what you would want as those programs).

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    - Netflicks app - like a port of Netflix Freak would be cool
    - A movie listings app like the one in Sherlock on OS X
    - An app that will let you check on flight info and times; Flight Tracker
    - maybe an app that will let you use a web cam stream as you wallpaper image
    - a package tracker app ( FedEx, UPS, DHL)

    - An Atari 2600 emmulator
    - A Gameboy emmulator
    - more emmulators

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    Default Request
    Nike+ for iPhone

    It would be awesome to somehow enable the built in bluetooth on the iPhone to communicate with the Nike + shoe dongle.

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    EDGE Traffic Blocker Program (see this)

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    Missed Call Reminder PLEASE!!!!!!
    Beeps a peroid of time after a call is received if the initial ring was missed.

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    a graphing calculator =)

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    This may be a stretch, but may be possible.

    Exact same specs as but instead of white, a color that would reflect like a mirror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattportner View Post

    This may be a stretch, but may be possible.

    Exact same specs as but instead of white, a color that would reflect like a mirror.
    Like silver?

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    Default Contacts
    I'd like contacts to be on my Springboard---with it's own icon.
    Another idea for contacts: how about a view which allows you to scroll through contacts in coverflow format?

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    is there a profile and (auto) profile switcher?
    so it switches at night and lower the volume and such
    something like autoflight for ppc phone


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    I'd like an app that switched WiFi on/off from the Springboard, instead of having to go into the Settings.

    Also, I'd like an app that lets you upload your photos via FTP to a remote server from the iPhone. I can do it via NCFTP, but I'd prefer a GUI app with less clicking

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    ability to change ipod settings, coverflow order, song order (order by alpha, artist, album, etc...), and an EQ

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    Replace alert sounds (mail, SMS, appt, etc.)

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    (network, voicemail?)
    GrandCentral client

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    Like silver?
    I'm not sure what color it would be. I have no idea if it is possible, but just some sort of color that would turn your screen into a mirror.

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