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Thread: ApolloIM vs. Mobile Chat

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    when i use mobilechat i cant even sign on cuz whenever i put in my login info it wont save to the main screen

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    I downloaded Mobile Chat and got it to install I put in the information for msn login and it just sits there saying "Please Wait" and never connects. Tried this on Wifi and Edge with no luck. If anyone else can log in please tell me

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    The new mobile chat is very nice except for the connection errors. You must first go on safari, and go to a website. This will activate your edge. Then launch mobile chat and try logging in. This will fix the connection errors some of you are having. Also if that doesn't work. Download the IM fix from installer listed in all packages.
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    hey can someone suggest what to do to get AIM IM app? I just installed the Installer so far nothing else yet, and need a web app IM not text IM. I'm on 1.1.4 Jailbroken btw

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    both apollo and mobile chat work with AIM
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    I like mChat.
    I have used both but dumped apollo a while ago it had major connection issues that i couldnt get resolved even with the fixes out there.

    Using mChat 2.23 now and only 1 little issues but its easily fixed.
    There are times that when i first open mChat, say after i haven't been using the phone for a while, it will not want to connect it sits and sits and doesn't make the connection.
    The Fix - Close out mChat and open up Safari and go to one page then close safari and open mChat and it will connect.
    This makes me think it has issues initializing the Edge connection, so having safari get Edge activated first then mChat can do its thing.

    Other than that I use it a lot when i'm out and about - I don't use it much at home on the wifi, thats what the Mac is for. :-)

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    Absent-one = That is true before I use to text and drive but now the iphone is so hard to use on the keypad I just give up where as nokia and all you know where the keys are so its better you looking on the road

    Right my verdict is there

    Apollo VS Mobile Chat

    Logging in time = Belive it or not they both take me in Wi-fi Mode to log in about 4 and a half min Both of them. Im not on slow net download speed when I download a file is 350 Kbps - not the fastest I know but not slow.( mobile chat says retriving buddy list for about 4 min ) where as Apollo says Connecting.

    The UI both are easy to use but I find with Apollo everyone is online as mobile chat its red dot if they away or busy but at least you still know.

    I didnt have any crash on me so both are strong on my 1.1.4

    Right This is annoying well for me anyway

    Im a busy person always on phone and texting away

    It takes to sign on 4 and a half min when it signs on I sometimes get texts from my mates and everything so I reply then open up IM chat or Apollo again and it has to re log in

    Is there away aroung that

    Using the same Email address my N95 Nokia with Windows live messenger takes 20 sec to log in and when I sent and recive txts it automatic does it and keeps my connected and with nokia if you open up something then close it unless you press exit it will run in the background


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    I use mobile chat right now, but if I close the app, without signing out, does it automatically sign me out? I assume so because when I go back in, I always have to sign back in. Is there a way to sign in, and stay signed in without the app screen open?

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    They should let everything run in the background like nokia does will be alot better

    Takes me 4 and half Min to sign in and I get 1 txt then bang I need to wait another 4 and half min to log back in again

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    Sorry may I ask what is the sources for me to dl apollo?

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    Apollo IM's most recent version comes with Installer sources. It's under Network, and called simply: Apollo.

    MobileChat isn't updated in Installer. In the Installer, it comes with 2.0 MobileChat.


    That gets you MobileChat 2.23 under "twenty08" folder....that should fix the package download error.

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    And NOW we have the awesome option of using Fring!

    (i still enjoy using mchat tho. would be great if i could see all my offline buddies, their statuses, plus the categories)

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    i posted a tutorial about how to change
    your away message on MobileChat

    here is the link to the tutorial forum:
    3.0 iPhone 2g
    Windows XP

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    please does someone have a fix for mobile chat not being able to run in the background, i.e. Using it then going to a different app and coming back only to be logged out

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    can someone tell me why i cant use apollo, i have 1.1.4 firmware, all i downloaded from installer is APOLLO, did i miss something?

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    Anyone know how to always be logged in on MobileChat? Ill put up my away, and let my phone sit, go back to it and I have been signed off.

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    I use ApolloIM,I think thats better anyways....

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    Apollo IM doesn't work on my iPhone or iTouch, both run on 1.1.4. I use Fring and I love it, except I wish it would have some settings and options that would allow you to set it to make noises or vibrate when it gets a message.

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    Apollo sounds cooler. I've made my choice.

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    i cant get either to stay open after i log in

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