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Thread: Ventrilo app

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    Default Ventrilo app
    anyone think that it would be possible to make a ventrilo/teamspeak app?

    In case you dont know, ventrilo and teamspeak are voip chatrooms that clans use for talking to teammates when playing wow, cs etc.

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    VOIP is what AT&T is afraid of. Reports from inside apple (people on the iphone team) is that Apple is psyched with the hacking from the make new apps perspective (not sure about unlocking), but that if voip comes out AT&T may whine to get them to shutdown the app hacking. I know people want VOIP but if we can stay away from it, Apple will continue to allow us to come up with every other kind of app under the sun that makes sense to put on these cool devices.

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    Teamspeak would be awsome!!!!

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    crap...sounds true to me... do what ever we want..but we find cheap ways to talk over voice...that means there out of money!! thats when they will crack down.

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    voip would be the best thing ever...there are times when I am at the in-laws in the outskirts of Michigan and have 0 cell service but am sitting in the middle of their wireless network smashing the phone against my head beacuse I cant send a text.

    hmm...maybe we compromise and do a Toip client (Text over IP...I just made it up, dont laugh too hard at me.)

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    Text over IP? You mean something like... oh I don't know... e-mail? :P

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    with Skype being released in the appstore, would this now be possible?

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    Yes it is. Ventafone was just released and seems pretty nice.

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    There is a TeamSpeak app called PhoneSpeex. Look for it in the App Store.

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