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Thread: 1.1.4 Compatible Apps

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    Hey Techguy,

    What's the name of the theme on your iphone?

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    Default How to ?
    Quote Originally Posted by OneMoreAnimal View Post
    I just upgraded to 1.1.4 and I'm getting the "Main script execution failed!" message for everything I try to install. I changed the SystemVersion.plist to 1.1.3 and restarted, but I still get the same error message. Any ideas?

    <b>UPDATE:</b> Just got the solution! All you need to do is chmod +s /Applications/ and it will work.
    Hi, I was wondering how to go about doing the solution you mention?


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    any mms?

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    what the heck is systemversionplaylist mod? i don't seem to be able to get summerboard to work. yes just updated to 1.1.4. should summerboard just work? any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hedsick View Post
    I have noticed that I have not dropped as many calls (none so far) since upgrading to 1.1.4 and I also have not had any text messages out of order. Also, this post is pointless. Anything that works in 1.1.3 will work in 1.1.4. I have everything working. Sure, I had to change the systemversion.plist to get smb and customize to install, but then changed it back to say 1.1.4 and installed everything else that I use with no problems at all. If you would like to know what I use, here we go: MobileFInder, MobileChat, MobileMoney, iRadio, WebSearch, iAno, WeDict, iXboxLive, Sketches, Screenshot, SMB, Customize, Poof, Categories, VNSea, BossPrefs, Insomnia, NES, SNES, iBlackjack, iSolitaire, Garf, Lights Off, Pool, Text Twist, Scrabble, and iCrossword. I also used BossTool to move things to the /var partition. No problems with any of it. This thread should be killed IMO unless there are other apps which arent working (but did they ever work on 1.1.3 to begin with?)

    Oh, and FontSwap.
    do you run iComic without a prob?!? ...SMSD?!? ... CallID?!?
    if you are running these, tell me how do you do it....

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