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Thread: intelliscreen 2.23 released

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    the grey screen over the apps on the home screen will go away if you do 2 things.

    1- reboot
    2- activate the app

    Now, its hard to activate it with a grey screen over your screen, but a couple reboots might be needed to get that far along before the grey screen kicks on.

    The more frowned upon way is to activate it through ssh in a manner that is not considered "legal" however I am saying this to suggest if you own the app legally and cannot get it to start, you can apply the "crack" through ssh to get it activated, then clear up the liscensing issue thereafter. Only do this if you legally own it.

    Once you get it going this is by far the best build yet. No issues at ALL for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reeko View Post
    seems stable-ish, definetely not finished but is actually useable.

    still won't show my work exchange e-mail on the lock screen, but will show gmail. i have push g-mail through my exchange account, so i get the email in that account first and want to view that. but this hasnt worked at all in 2.x for me

    ]IntelliScreen Mail Not Showing.
    Hello everyone.

    It seems IntelliScreen, doest have time to help out with not listed FAQ help. With
    automated e-mail replies.

    I have searched and found mail problems, but not a solution to mine. My mail worked
    fine showing on my lock screen, but then one day it was blank. Only showing "mail"
    listed in the corner, not AOL,GMAIL, as it always did. It still reflects on the top
    right the number of unread, it just doesnt show the mail.

    My settings have not changed, and my works just fine.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    I figured it out. Do not automatically set up your mail on your phone. Go into the settings and select other mail, and manually put all the info in. It will then work properly.
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