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Thread: Kate WARNING

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    Default Kate WARNING
    I turned on my iphone 3g today to realize my phoneing ability didn't work. Im currently on 2.1 firmware and last night i installed a bunch of apps off installer and cydia but i didn't realize the phone problem till today, so i went back and deleted lots of things, unistalled them that is, because i need my phone :angry: . Unfortinatly I didn't think that Kate would srew my phone up because hell it says it supports 2.1 and its been around forever. Back when I had a 1.1.4 touch cattipilar(Kate) froze my touch but i thought because it is recomended maby its fixed but be warned KATE HAS SCREWED US AGAIN! It will mess up your phone if your running on 2.1. Don't be fooled by what it says on the describtion, IT DOESN"T WORK!!!!. I'm writing this because I have been scrwed by Kate twice and I don't want anyone else to have thier phone or touch messed up. It won't even apear on the springboard, it just freezes the phone and appears under settings.

    Please don't use Kate, You have been warned!

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    I was a BIG TIME Kate/Caterpillar supporter before the recent updates. It worked great on my phones pre 2.0. I installed it on my 2.1 and man oh man was the phone sloooooooooow. It would take so long for anything to open. My camera app would take about 7-10 seconds to open. Preferences about 6 seconds and SMS the same.

    I thought maybe it was because I was jailbroken as the phone ran great and fast after a restore, and I thought Kate was still a "good" app. Well, I jailbroke again and then installed an app and tested the phone each time. Everything worked great until I installed Kate off of Installer. To make matters worse, even after I removed Kate, the phone was still VERY sluggish. So I had to restore again and jailbreak, and stayed away from Kate. My phone is running great. I do think however that jailbroken phones and some 3rd party apps to run a bit slower than the restored "factory" phone, but very minimal difference.

    In short, I agree with you. Stay away from KATE at all costs. Sad, because I purchased the app in the 1.1.4 days and really loved it. Good bye Kate.

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    Too late kate already F*&k me im runnin on 2.1 fw n jailbroke it n install kate n my phonin ability was dead but i didnt realize kate did it so i restore n jailbreak again n now i read dis n im pissed off... kate B!tch

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    i have used kate in the past put after many crashes and restores i decided not to use it and haven't since then. besides now there is no need for it as we have everything else. hate to say it but any thing that rip put there name on is nothing but troubles and restores.
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    KATE also screwed up my iphone - it totally froze up!!!!! Had to totally start from scratch!!

    What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yep Kate got me too.
    Noticed some apps wouldn't load, when I tried to open various apps the app sometimes would start to open thenimmediately either go to the home page or a blank home page with the occassional freeze.

    Had to reboot it press the power and home key for about 5 to7 seconds.
    Let it boot up fully.
    then Deleted Kate
    Rebooted again and the phone returned.

    The iphone was about 90% intacted. The catergory folders were either gone or the icons in the folders are not on one of the home pages and in a category folder.

    Ipod and phone functions were not affected.

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    I feel lucky... Kate only killed my dialer and released it when I uninstalled

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    Kate was the reason I had to restore/ re-jailbreak today
    Iphone 3g 16gb

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    KATE also screwed up my iphone - biggest mistake ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had to totally re do my iphone from scratch!!!

    Not a happy bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thanks for the warning

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    what's kate?

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    i'm using KATE from day one , used it on old iphone with no problems.

    Now i'm using it on my new 3G iphone and still no problems !

    Get a license and you won't have any problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by pirrup View Post
    i'm using KATE from day one , used it on old iphone with no problems.

    Now i'm using it on my new 3G iphone and still no problems !

    Get a license and you won't have any problems
    I have a license, & it is still rubbish, I dont even bother with it anymore!

    I am sure if someone did a poll on people who bought this software, unsatisfied customers would come out in front.

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    I am a licensed user and it works fine for me ... so far no issues...

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    I hate it

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    i just want to add to this...ANYTHING made by rip dev is GARBAGE and is no good for your phone. period. stay away from it
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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    You know what happened to my phone was that I couldnt dial I could call out but only when people would call me

    KATE IS BS...!!!
    Dont be that guy..!!!

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    I also am a licensed user and have no issues, i really like the lockscreen calender that can change to events. and springboard background and 5 icon dock, oh and PRIVACY for SMS!!!!

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    THe other things i like to use it for are

    1. Change system fonts
    2. Change wallpaper of spring board ( so easy)

    I know all these things can be done through different applications but kate is a single application that helps me do all this together.

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