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Thread: Categories Problem with iFuse CBNK and Raging Thunder

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    Default Categories Problem with iFuse CBNK and Raging Thunder
    On my iPhone I have both Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart and Raging Thunder. The problem with this is they both come up as iFuse,

    Categories can not tell these appart so I end up with 2 icons for only 1 game and cannot open the other??

    Please help me try and fix this

    I have managed to get them to now display on the springboard by removing and installing a few times on iTunes but I really would like to have them both in my Games Category without losing one. I tried renaming the app using SSH but it just stoped it from running :-(
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    To fix this, BigBoss should be looking at the CFBundleDisplayName of the app when enumerating, and only take the app name if that variable doesn't exist. That should take care of this problem, but I could be wrong.

    For now you could change the CFBundleName in Info.plist to the new name of the app. If the paths were not hard coded, the app should then run.
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    CFBundleName? Surely if I change that the app will just lock up?

    It's not bigboss's fault its vivendi games for making 2 different apps which are both called iFuse inside they're app folders.

    Is there an easy way to point out this issue to BigBoss to see if he knows of a quick fix?

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    Well you said that you tried changing the name, but then the app wouldn't launch. That's because the CFBundleName should match the app name.

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    any progress on yet? I'm having the same problem, and have tried all combinations of changing app names folder names and cfbundlenames i can think of. Has anyone actually gotten this to work at all?

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    same here tried a bunch of different things nothing worked searched on google and this was the only thing that i could find on this topic

    i sent polarbit an email asking them to change their CFBundle name and BTW crash and raging thunder are made by different devs
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    I have the same problem with Inferno and Pinball RC. They both are labeled iPinball. I am unable to put them both into Categories. I tried renaming but that does not work. I just have to keep them both on my Springboard. That's my only solution to date.

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    would be great if someone can sort this out

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    Default Very similar issue
    Honestly I have no clue how to resolve the issue, but mine is exactly similar to your problem.... my Crash & Thunder game were installed using **********, and well yes thats where i first noticed whiile decompressing that both were installing with the same name app ""

    Well as for me originally, i had installed before first Thunder... and had it already stored in the Categories, soon later on I decided to install Crash... and well it was in the springboard... but once I decided to head inside the categories to add it into my games folder, yups that issue occured they both appeared with the same name.. and well *thunder simply was replaced with Crash.. also having the same icon.

    Well yes Thunder suddenly wasn't anywhere after i Respringed anywhere on the springboard nore in the Games folder... but if you entered in Categories yes it had 2 Crash games.. so I dcided to remove the app from that Game Folder, and Respringed afterwards, and the Game actually Reappeared on the Springboard(with its Thunder Icon & actual Name), but if you entered categories it would appear as iFuse.. (not good enough)

    So here what I did, so simply I would care anymore of having to be abel to put in categories *thunder game..

    I went SSH ... into the Applications Folder, and found the iFuse version that had *Thunder game ... entered the * folder (Duh the Thunder app) went edit on Info.plist actually named all of them to *R.Thunder .. saved ... at that same folder Renamed the *iFuse (file) to R.Thunder, ... and afterwards got out closed SSH and Respringed again ... this Time Flawlessly it was still on the Springboard the game, and worked as normal perfectly... but this Time in Categories it was impossible to appear in it to place it anywhere.

    So that is my case Now I have *Thunder working all good but it only appears on the Springboard, and it does not appear while inside of Categories, I tried renaming the * folder (to any other given name .app) but it actually caused the game not to appear on the Springboard.

    Any ideas on my Type of issue?
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