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Thread: iphone modem app

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    Default iphone modem app
    IF i were to set up the iphone modem app and use the the phones internet for my computer do i get charged for using the internet even if i have the iphone data plan.

    I read somewhere before the app actually came out that people who did it manually were getting charged per kilobyte just like you would if you didn't have the data plan.

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    No, you wont get charged. The people who WERE getting charged were those who were using too much bandwidth. Meaning, they were probably using it all the time as a modem. If apple see's that you were using the internet on your phone for 18 out of the 24 hours of the day for 6 to 7 days a week, then they might take a deper look into what you were using your phone for.

    But if you are using it at a coffee shop, or at the airport (waiting and waiting for your damn delayed flight!!) then there shouldnt be any problem
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    Can someone please let me know if Additions Iphone Modem 2 works with windows xp service pack 3 and the iphone.

    I installed both and I am unable to get the phone to connect. The computer seems to work properly, but the iphone won't give me the connect option.

    Status: open iphonephone modem on mac/pc
    traffic 0
    wifi: iphonemodem

    I am unable to get the connect option on the iphone.

    can anyone please help?

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    I am having the same problem only i am on a Mac running 10.5.5 the computer created the Wifi network and im able to connect to in on the phone but when i go in the Modem app on the phone the status says "open iphonemodem on mac/pc"

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    Quote Originally Posted by markopolo1389 View Post
    I am having the same problem only i am on a Mac running 10.5.5 the computer created the Wifi network and im able to connect to in on the phone but when i go in the Modem app on the phone the status says "open iphonemodem on mac/pc"

    I have the same problem did you ever fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjungleboy View Post
    I have the same problem did you ever fix it?
    I havnt figured it out yet i even created my own Computer-to-Computer network on my mac and it still is giving me the same Staus: Open iPhone modem on Mac/PC

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    I am still not able to connect. It is a shame this doesn't work and that we are unable to get any assistance.

    If it worked, I would have paid for it. Glad I tried it before sending my money.

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    It only hasn't been working since they "updated" it. It worked perfectly before, but now it seems like it works for noone, and it's really annoying that I paid money for a program that works perfect for a month and then it breaks. I sent them like 3 e-mails with no responses.

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    i am having the same problem :-(

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    Found this on another website, it works.

    Ok Got a solution for you guys:

    For some bizarr reason - everything you need is already running on the iphone - you just need to start the stupid Iphonemodem application on the laptop. Then if your application wont connect. You will have to go into the settings of your Iphonemodem Connection, and change the IP adresses that are entered there. The where configured to - wont work. Take the WiFi Ip adress that is assigned. I presume it is (it was in my case, check if it is the same in yours..)

    Then in the proxy / DNS settings of your IphoneConnection just enter the correct ip, and voilá working pleasure. It is abit strange that the iphone app on the iphone is saying “open iphonemodem on mac/pc” and the traffic counter is counting. But what the heck. works for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexxr87 View Post
    Found this on another website, it works.
    Unless I'm doing something wrong this isnt working for me. I took the IP Address i got from Settings>WiFi>click on the arrow next to iPhoneModem and put on my computer under TCP/IP set the Configure IPv4 to Manual and put in the found IP address in IPv4 slot. This didn't solve the problem. I don't know what to do?! Someone help please!

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    Default fixed?
    I couldn't help but notice this forum... i decided to register to give my two cents from messing with this app.

    My app updated itself and kinda stopped working properly as well.

    After some fiddling.... I noticed that I can get it to work if I do the following.

    Reboot your iPhone.
    Reboot your laptop/computer. (I have a PC)

    go into the settings of your iphone... if it is connected to the iphonemodem wifi... hit the little ">" and click forget this network.
    then disable wifi on your iphone.
    if your computer is connected to the wifi, highlight it, and disconnect.
    now... get your iphone ready in the wifi toggle screen.
    now on your computer... click on iphonemodem and press connect to wifi network...
    while it is connecting... on your iphone: enable wifi, and wait for the list of available networks to show. if iphone modem doesnt show right away... disable wifi, and enable again... keep doing this until u see the iphonemodem. once you see it... click on it right away... you'll see the little wheel spin... and your computer should then say "aquiring a network address" then "connected" shortly after.

    This seems to work for me. it doesnt stay connected very long... maybe because i'm testing it pretty thoroughly... but i hope this helps.


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    I tried both of these suggestions and I still can not get this to work.

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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    I got it to work!!!

    First I had to pay for the application.
    Connect your laptop modem, turn on the cellphone modem.
    After you get the cellphone IP addy,
    you go into the computer TCP/IP settings,
    go to alternate configuration and
    set the user configured.
    Put in the same first three sets of the IP that will match your cellphone IP and then for the last set, put in a different number. EX: phone IP - Computer IP
    Default gateway and preferred DNS needs to be the same IP as your cellphone.
    Reboot your computer and then connect the modem.
    Once the computer and phone are connect, you need to wait about 1 minute before opening up your internet browser.
    You still don't get all the lights to light up on the phone, only the first two light up, but traffic does flow great!

    This works. I have been using it all day. The only time you have to reset the computer IP is when your cellphone IP changes.

    Good luck and Happy surfing!
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    I CANNOT get this blasted app to work.

    It worked one night, now it won't work anymore.

    I connect to the phone with the laptop, it says waiting for the iphone to connect to wifi but the iphone ALWAYS says, no Wifi. If I connect to my wifi modem in my office it says wrong wifi.

    Before it was showing the iphone adhoc under the wifi choices.


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    Is there anyway that the modmyi web site will get a hold of the developer and help us get a resolve for this. I dont mean to call anyone out but this is an app registered on the cydia site and is under the modmyi repo if Im not mistaken. . . I feel cheated. I have also been sending the developer emails with no reply.

    @ developer
    So what gives? You take my $10.00 and basically screw me over? Fix the app.

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