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    Can you please help me. plucked up the courage to try categories.

    is the following correct:

    To customise/have my own icons:
    simply ssh into cateories/icons and put whatever icons you want to inside here ... correct?

    to update OFFICIAL PAID FOR apps:
    for example, i bought a card game: cards 1.0

    i put it into category: GAMES.

    An update v1.1 comes out for this game.
    i simply EDIT cards v1.0 OUT of GAMES category and put it on the springboad and update it via itunes or appstore on my touch. THEN i put it back into GAMES category.

    similarly, if i want to delete cards v1.0. i have to take it out of GAMES category and ONLY THEN DELETE IT?

    To update apps that i have not paid for because i am trying them (cracked apps)

    is it the same as 'paid for' apps? (above)

    Syncing/Backing up with it itunes

    When i sync applications with my desktop...will it sync apps that are inside categories ?
    When i BACKUP applications with my desktop...will it BACKUP apps that are inside categories ?

    Winterboard and categories

    I am going to ssh icons into /cateories/icons ....BUT CAN I USE WINTERBOARD'S ICONS FOLDER to theme my categories? For example, in WB Icons folder i can put a icon called GAMES.. will this icon be the icon for my category: Games ? ( In theory
    this should work because Jay Freeman/Saurik says each categories is simply an application that launches others...)

    Is there anything else I should know? anything at all...

    Reason why i am so precautious is because when i first opened categories, there was a mesage from the great Jay Freeman (saurik) that cateories can be "dangerous" if you dont know what you're doing.

    Thanking you


    one final qsn please:

    to upate an app i have bought from the appstore.. do i have to take it out of the category , THEN update?

    or can i update (via itunes or wifi) from within the category?

    Thank you soo much
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