Want to work on your phone from a remote location ? Well now you can. Introducing VNC server for the Iphone / Itouch. I love this software you can give someone a tutorial on how to do something on the phone and they can see the remote screen from accross the world.

VNC server can be found in Cydia.

Currently there are three ways to VNC into the the phone.

1. Over wifi IP
2. Over VFP IP
3. Using Iphone_tunnel to map port 5900 and then access it locally at

Launch your vnc viewer can be downloaded here.
RealVNC - RealVNC remote control software
Type in the Iphone IP (VPN IP, WIFI Ip, or tunnel IP)

Click Accept on your phone



Great way to install something for someone who dont know what they are doing.
Always works fastest on wifi.

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