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  • He's living the life of the wealthy on some island.

    1 25.00%
  • He'll be back, once he's finished counting his donations.

    2 50.00%
  • Crying a river, because he's missed out on the AppStore.

    1 25.00%
  • He's still here, lurking for the next great scam, er... idea!

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  • He's now working for Obama.

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  • He's now working for McCain.

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  • He's now working for Bill Gates.

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  • Actually, he's really (fill in an MMI member's name here).

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  • I don't care, he's just sooooo 2007.

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  • Who the hell is drunknbass?

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Thread: So, whatever happened to drunknbass?

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    Angry So, whatever happened to drunknbass?
    Anybody wonder whatever happened to drunknbass?

    Man. What a waste of time. This guy puts out a demo video recorder, pulls in boatloads of money from people (I gave him $5 myself), goes to the Mac convention in January on our dime (from his blog), and never ever ever comes up with anything again.

    Oh wait, he started screaming about somebody else who actually made a working app stealing his code. If it did happen, at least the other guy made something that worked. PolarBearFarms has turned into a steady contributor, I think. So, that was that.

    Oh wait, except uShow. Which was a NO SHOW. It had a great mockup online and was a great way to pull in more donations and serial numbers of peoples' iPhones. And he doesn't even have control of that list anymore. Jeez. And that was it.

    Oh wait, now his blog (, but don't waste your time) says "Video Recorder: coming soon to AppStore". But the SDK rules SPECIFICALLY won't let that happen. evar. Duh.


    That's my editorialized recounting of the sad sideshow soapopera saga that once was the celebrity of the jailbreaking world. Psh.

    Did I miss anything? What you do all think? Did you contribute? How much?


    (okay, this should light up the board tonight. hehe)
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    Yes, he basically stole money from the generous people who contribute to developers.
    I didn't contribute, just because I don't contribute to something that isn't fully completed. There are very few apps that I have actually put money into, like Intelliscreen and a few others I can't think of right now.

    Good topic btw, I forgot about this scammer.

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    Right or wrong, we dont need to start a bashing free-for-all.

    Thread closed.

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