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Thread: App Compatibility with 2.1 Firmware

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    Default App Compatibility with 2.1 Firmware

    Well to clear up confusion, I am going to make a new thread to discuss apps, Cydia/Installer or App Store, that arent working after the upgrade to firmware 2.1. Here is the list I have so far. If you have anything else to add, post it below, and it will be edited.

    • Winterboard (For the most part working, few little bugs)

    Not Working:
    • Dock 3.1 (Dosent show anything that has been hidden)
    • iPhone Video Recorder
    • Customize
    • App Flow (Wont launch apps)
    • QuickGold (Dosent see apps)
    • Snapture
    • Intelliscreen

    App Store Apps not Working:
    • MobileChat (Wait for v. 3.1 for fixes)
    • Facebook (Keyboard disappears during chat)
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    ive been told that asphalt 4 is buggy too.

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    I'm currently using Quickgold for 2.1 and its able to see the apps.
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    Quickgold sees everything (including apps) on my 2G Phone with 2.1.

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    launcher wont launch any apps either.

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    Rename wont change stock icon names.

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    appbackup works mxtube works... for streaming havnt downloaded anything yet, swap tunes works

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    The latest Intelliscreen works on 2.1.

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    they just did a update on dock but for some reason it still dont work when u hide things..

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    Intelliscreen has been updated to version 2.2 to be compatible with firmware 2.1
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    I am curious if Cycorder and GPSPhone (gameboy) applications work on 2.1 firmware, can anyone confirm that they work?

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    gpsphone does not work. Complications with acknowledging the system bios.


    My trouble was caused by multiple applications folders created by the update. I found a way to fix it by locating the correct directory (which is different than it used to be), but as it would seem some people arent experiencing any problems. vvv
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    i have gpsphone working fine, i'm playing final fantasy iv right now

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    Cycorder does work on 2.1

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    i have customize 2.1 working on firmware 2.1

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    3G 2.1

    Snapture freezes after shot.
    Customize crashes after d/l and on preview.
    The gba emu says improper file or bios, but I'm wondering if I should have left the games' folders...
    Winterboard almost perfect although webpages as wallpaper lag and crash.
    BossPrefs, can't honestly say.

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    in order to get the gba emulator to work on my 3g iphone 2.1 do i only have to download the emulator then load the roms or are there other steps?

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    Any update on apps that are and aren't working

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    What's up with iPhoneVideoRecorder? They are taking forever to come out with a 2.1 update. Mine still crashes even after a reinstall.

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    does MiVTones work? cuz i just recently updated to 2.1 and tried to install that program...and it froze on for the 80th time had to restore my iphone.

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