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Thread: Customize doesn't change icons...

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    Default Customize doesn't change icons...
    I have Customize installed but it doesn't appear to make any changes whatsoever.

    I have opened Customize and downloaded a theme I liked. Then chose "Apply theme to device". I then choose "Exit and restart springboard" but all the icons are still set as the default ones.

    This program seems to be pretty self explanatory, but am I missing a step?
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    Yep, I'm having the same problem, can not figure it out.

    I also have winterboard installed, I wonder if that may be problem?

    If anyone can help us it would be appreciated.

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    Customize may be Done, web site is down and rumor has it that it will no longer be supported!! it will not work right without its online server

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apummell View Post
    Customize may be Done, web site is down and rumor has it that it will no longer be supported!! it will not work right without its online server
    I don't think the program needs to connect to the web to change themes. That doesn't make any sense at all.

    If the developers no longer support it, then I can understand that there wouldn't be any updates, but the basic functions should still work just fine.

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    your correct the app does work, b/c i have it working on my iphone. i dont remember exactly what i did to get it working. but ill tell you what i do recall doing just not exactly sure what part actually did it. but i found info some where either on this forum or spicychicken, hackint0sh forum.

    1. i follow info on this link to make sure i installed and setup permissions correctly.

    2. i read some where dont remember which forum, but the files werent being downloaded correctly or didnt download at all. i was able to get one theme to download and used it as my setup folder for my own themes i download onto my pc. maybe some of you experience this when attempting to download a theme it appears to download but it doesnt apply anything when u try to use it. well i ssh into my iphone, check files under /private/mobile/library/customize2 . this is where your themes or file sets should be, when i check all folders within the themes folders everything was empty.

    now i read that all you had to do is into input the .png file into correct folder, i.e- Youtube.png belong in youtube folder and MobilePhone.png into mobilephone folder. Its simple but heres the long annoying part not sure why but on this one, you have to change every .png file name add a 1 to it. example Youtube.png should be Youtube1.png in order for it to work, MobilePhone.png should be MobilePhone1.png, etc...

    so all i did after that was made new folder and copy same file setup of empty folders i got from the only theme that work. Then i replace/copy .png files i downloaded/backup before my update to 2.0 and plug them into the correct folders they belong to. rebooted my iphone and customized started to work as it should. i still havent been able to get file sounds to work yet and some of system images to change either. if you would send me a message with your email and ill reply back with one of the folder theme i do have working on my phone. You can use it as a setup folder like i did for myself. And just replace .png i have on with your own files. And just ssh the new folder into your device /private/mobile/library/customize2/ Hopefully this helps someone , i know thats how i do my own themes now of days since spicychicken server hasnt worked in a while.
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