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Thread: Manually installed apps crash istantly.

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    Default Manually installed apps crash istantly.
    Ok so the problem I am having is that when I try to use an application I have installed manually using SSH the icon appears and I can click on it and it loads a blank white screen then crashes. I have tried many different apps and cant figure out whats does it with all of them. I also had this problem when I first got my iphone a few days ago when I was installing apps from apples app store onto my phone directly. They would only work if I downloaded them on my computer first then transfered them to my iphone. Thanks for the help.

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    Set the folder permissions to 775 or 777. And if it still doesn't work select all files in the folder and set the permissions of all those files to 775 or 777

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    I have tried that and they still don't work. Any app I install from cydia works but ones I manually put on dont.

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    You're putting them in the right place? Where are you loading them?

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    I have tried several things but they all failed as well. I have tried to install 6 applications manually:
    - Correct folder each
    - Chmod on directory and files
    - Chmod on executable file
    - Chown on executable file (tried several, root, mobile, root:admin, root:wheel, mobile:admin, mobile:wheel

    Still does not work, application crashes instantly after click.

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    when you first do that, you need to install a regular app from the app store (pick any free one) along with one you SSH to the iphone and that should fix your problem.

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    I can not do that because, my itunes sync everything except applications. I am running the itunes i downloaded from apple, my phone is running 1.1.4.
    I have purchased 6 free applications. They show up in the library and are now downloaded to my pc. Example Google application.
    However in the device, there is no application tab, so I can not set the sync via itune.
    What I did is take the application from the library, unziped them and put them in the correct directory in the iphone and then reset the permissions (chown, chmod). The applications and icon show up in the iphone and I can click them. They start up and 1 sec later they crash, I tried this with 6 applications:
    - Twitterific
    - Google
    - eReader
    - MobileNews
    - Eventful
    - PangeaVR
    each one behave a little different (Some show the slash screen, other don't); but they all crash some how.
    There must be some ini or DB file in the ihpone which requires an entry in it; but I don't know which one or how to edit. Thanks in advance

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    i dont think 1.1.4 fw works with these apps.

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