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Thread: bosstools - Ringtone changes can be reversed?

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    Default bosstools - Ringtone changes can be reversed?
    As far as I know, the author of BOSSTOOL is a big guy her in the forum so perhaps I get some help:

    IPHONE with bootloader 3.9 upgraded to 1.1.3. Worked well. SSH problem solved, Some apps were gone probably due to lack of diskspace.

    Installed BOSSTOOLS and moved FONTS RINGTONES and APPS. So now I have enough space for testing apps, but......

    The RINGTONES are also moved and I want to reverse this because the RTs I made with SENDSONG or RINGMETONE or IBRICKR do nat work and I cannot create new RT. I guess SENDSONG looks to the wrong directories due to BOSSTOOLS.
    Either I have to manually convert the song and add per SSH (is this possible?) or I rather prefer to put back only the RingTone Dir so SENDSONG and others work again.

    SENDSONG cause a major crash repetetivly an forced the phone to recoverymode. Only IBRICKR could reboot.

    So what do you suggest?

    Have XP, WINSCP SSH and Terminal

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes, you can reverse the changes.

    1) Use SSH to find out where the ringtones used to be

    2) Make a note of where the symbolic link of the Ringtones directory is pointing to. (that should be the place where the ringtones were moved to)

    3) copy the ringtones from the current location to the original location.

    4) Make sure files have been copied successfully to the original location before deleting the ringtones from the location BossTool moved the ringtones to.

    I hope that helps


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    ...but HOW to identify this "2) ...Symbolic Link of the ringtones" ? Or at least to know the Default Directory where Ringtones should be.... Actually I am facing a similar nightmare. I've used BossTool to move ringtones and then "stupidly" I've deleted default ringtones from iPhone to replace by the ones I've created and as I result, I am only left with one ringtone in the iPhone. I can see created ringtones in the iPhone when using WinSCP but I can not find them in the iPhone itselft without WinSCP. If I could be able sync using WinSCP...but I can not find the feature key. I am an astronomical piece of crap, please SOS ! (I'm on vista 32 home premium)

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