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Thread: Wat Ringtones U Got On Your iPhone

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    Default Wat Ringtones U Got On Your iPhone
    T.I-whatever u like
    Pleasure P-Rock Bottom
    Lil Boosie-Granny Granny
    Chris Brown- Forever

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    I have

    Disco Science - Track 9 => Awesome electronica track
    MarioPiu-communication => literal lyrics "somebody answer the phone"
    Scatman John => Sounds good on iphone speaker
    Stargate Atlantis sound track => mild ringtone, not as abrupt, nice build up
    Steps - Better Best Forgotten => just another ringtone I made up lol

    For my SMS tone I use Transformers "your smartphone has received a new txt message, would you like to read it now" which totally rocks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mazor View Post
    For my SMS tone I use Transformers "your smartphone has received a new txt message, would you like to read it now" which totally rocks!
    I'm curious as to what that sounds like.... wanna share?
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    Watta Men - Salt N' Pepa
    Dexter Theme Song - TV Show
    House Theme Song - TV Show

    SMS - "Mail, Modafoca" - From the movie "Eurotrip"

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    i have:
    breathe easy- jay-z
    boondocks theme song (tv show)
    biggie- 10 crack commandments
    newyork- ja rule, jadakiss, fat joe
    love you better- ll cool j (for the ladies )
    jon b- they dont know (for the ladies )
    biggie - juicy

    sms tone - mail "mutha fuka" from euro trip....<-------- i luv that one

    @ Mazor, would you mind sharing that sms tone you have from the transformers, i would like to hear how it sounds and im sure others would too
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    waiting on my iPhone 6+

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    University of Oregon fight song is all I need.

    Oh and Final Fantasy victory song for my alerts.

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    hmm, I would love to share my Transformers SMS tone.

    Here it goes

    Transformers SMS tone - Vox


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    I have:

    -Banana Phone
    -Sarias song
    -The ringtone from the movie crank(current one and AWESOME)
    -Natural selection (some eerie theme from heroes most of time in mohinder scenes)
    -Smash brawl

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    Here are mine:

    Pretty much all of them are for contacts, so yeah I do have girly ringtones. I think like 10 of those were for my girlfriend that I never bothered deleting. It helps having assigned ringtones, I don't have to look at my phone, I can just press the volume button to put it on silent for the remainder of the call.

    The New Soul ringtone is a must have for any Apple fan. Its the song use for the MacBook Air.

    As for SMS tones, I used to use:

    MGS Codec
    Legend of Zelda (When you get an item from a chest)
    forgot what else I had...
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    did you guys create these on your own or is there a place to get these ?

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