Where did this app go?

name: RadioList LA
version: 1.0
description: Each station can be clicked to access the last 5 songs played on that station...
category: Site Launchers
date: 11.26.2007 18:52:50
contact: [email protected]
location: http://ride4.org/installer/zips/RadioListLA.zip
url: http://www.apple.com/webapps/enterta...iradioapp.html
maintainer: Tim Bergeron
bundleIdentifier: com.radiolistLA.shai
size: 16622
hash: f6a80ce8dcf9f3f101cb57b44b7ee6f3

link: http://ride4.org/shai.xml
name: Shai's Apps

raw data

It was in Shai's repo, but now it is not in the list of installable apps. Was this removed for some rason? Can someone provide me with the URL that it went to check the radio stations?

Thanks, th3gh05t