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    Am I the only one who can not seem to get BeatPhone to run? I have tried both 0.2.4 as well as 0.2.6 and still no luck. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I am running 1.1.3?

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    Same problem here....I keep getting the "cannot locate sample"....we need a fix.

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    hey guys. i'd love to have this program. im using 1.1.4 When i install and than go to use, a blurry image pops up for like 2 seconds, than goes away and im back on my home. So it don't say anything, it just brings up this image than closes itself. been looking EVERYWHERE, cant find a fix

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    nothign happens when i open it

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    hey ya well i figured out how to get past the "blurry" part just open up the installer, click sources then click edit and then add.

    Type this in
    it should then refresh the sources and there will be beatphone 2.6 which is 37 megabytes. It'll take about 10 minutes the most to download and install if you have high speed internet

    after it's installed there will be another update, but actually it's a downgrade to send you back down to 2.4.

    after that beatphone won't crash, but for me it says that it cannot locate sample files/or something. if anybody figures out what to do now please tell me. my- email if ur wondering is [email protected]

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    I have still had no luck with this program and have since given up. I think I am just going to wait in hopes of another update for it.

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    I use this app all of the time, it's great. You should hear it in my car with my 3000 Watts of powered Bostons. You need version 0.2.6 Contact Mathieu Garcia at [email protected] website is at there's a FAQ which goes over if you can't locate the sample. When I first installed beatphone from the installer, I got a blurry page, then a crash. Then, I added Mateo's source and got the new beat phone. What was said above is true, after you install Mateo's beat box it will work just fine. If you update it in intaller, it will bring you back to the blurry version which won't work.

    Good luck

    Also, don't know if you have seen this one: Drummer - it's cool too! Both nice to have. Go to for the source.

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    I had the same problem with it opening and then closing right away I downloaded the new version 0.2.6 but it still would close. To fix the problem I connected to my Ipod Touch via Myscp, opened the applications folder then the beatphone folder right click the beatphone file, and found the permissions and changed it to 0755 or 0777.
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