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Thread: The application "xxxxx" cannot be opened.

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    Default The application "xxxxx" cannot be opened.
    I've done everything and set the permissions to 775/777 etc but everytime i try to open a app i get, "The application "xxxxx" cannot be opened".

    Any solutions?


    I've searched just haven't found a solution

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    your ned to download any "original" app from the app store

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    Default Do not change names or icons of App Store programs!
    If you get the "Application cannot be opened" error, one possible reason is that you might have changed the application's name before syncing with iTunes.

    I was happy to find the app "Rename" in Cydia and used it on (ORIGINAL!) App Store programs as well. Every single one of those renamed apps stopped working after syncing again with iTunes. Seems as if iTunes checks for changes and then disables those apps.

    Those Apple politics have really begun to P*SS me off!!!

    Anyway - reinstall those apps and avoid renaming, replacing icons (in *.app-folder) or applying any other custom changes!

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    And if you are asking about cracked applications, then won't find any solutions on this site. Discussions of warez are not allowed.


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    I have Fizz Weather that I purchased from the App Store. I made a custom icon for it and SSH'd it into my theme folder and named it "Fizz Weather". Worked great until I synced. Now I get that error.

    How are theme builders making these icons and they work fine?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sssb View Post
    your ned to download any "original" app from the app store
    Is there any way around that? I don't have an iTunes account so I can't install anything from the appstore! I'm not looking for warez but there are a bunch of free apps I'd like to try out.

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    they are still technically wares if not purchased for free via iTunes. Just male an ID it takes maybe 5 minutes.
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    same problem!
    + Safari keeps crashing as soon as i type in an address

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    one other thing to check that might be interesting that may or may not have been the fix to my problem. I did change 3 icons to 3 that i made for my Halloween theme(attached to see). Once i connected my iphone to itunes i clicked on it on the sources in itunes and then tabbed to applications. Low and behold, the 3 apps that weren't working(that i had also replaced the icons of) were unchecked in this list. I checked them after i deleted them off my phone, they were reinstalled and stock icons put back.

    I immediately changed the icons back to my custom ones to fit back into the theme and apps work fine for now. Next time this happens i will check to see if they somehow were unchecked but the icon was left as it was not attached to the programs so when they were removed, the icon was left and not taken with it and the only way the phone knew what app i was trying to open(with no file info from the actual app there) was because the renamed icon info(file name) was being pulled.

    Maybe this makes sense maybe not. If you understand what I'm trying to say then check it out and see if that is an easy fix. If not ill try it next time this happens if it does happen again.
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