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Thread: All my contacts gone.... all 218 !!

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    Default All my contacts gone.... all 218 !!
    I have a real problem....
    After sync with itunes 7, all of my contacts are gone.
    I only have 7 left.....
    I wanted to sync it with windows contacts, but instead it synced windows contacts with my iphone.

    What the helllll !!!

    Can I get all my contacts (with foto's, email and addresses) on my phone again???

    Hope to hear very very soon !!

    Thanks in advance

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    If they are not in the iphone, and they are not in your windows contacts.....then they are gone.

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    Sync doesn't mean copy guy, it means syncronize. So if there was 7 contacts on your iPhone when you sync, there will be 7 contacts on your computer when its done. Usually if it were that kind of drastic change (7 vs. 218), it will ask your permission first. Did you click ok at any time without reading the warnings?
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    After a restore or anytime you have a blank iphone, it is crucial to make sure you check off the boxes for "replace the information on this iphone this time only for contacts, calendars, etc... The exact wording might be a bit different but the check boxes are way at the bottom of the info tab for your iPhone in iTunes.

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    All my contacts were on my phone, and the windows contacs was empty....
    I checked before syncing....

    Is there a program for sycing just contacts ??

    I read about mobileMe but i have to pay for that..... apple style!!

    I think it is very very strange that all my contacts are gone after syncing.

    Is there a app like SimPort but than visa versa? From iphone to sim ?

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    Any special reason why you are looking for something to "just" sync contacts, versus keeping them in windows contacts? Just curious, but check this out:
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