Okay, I'm flummoxed. So many folks say this app is great or at least pretty good but it doesn't work for me at ALL.

First of all, since I've installed it all I get when doing "Locate Me Now" is the message "No known cell towers found in range." Which is surprising to me since I'm not exactly way out in the boonies - I'm in the northwestern Chicago suburbs. But as far as Navizon is concerned I could apparently be somewhere in the middle of the Yukon.

Also, the version of Navizon I've got installed is 2.0.1 but Installer is telling me that there's an update available....v.1.1.4 ??! WTF?

I tried LocateMe, as well - that one "worked" in that it pegged me to within about 3 miles but then that result got cached and there doesn't seem to be a way to clear the cache and try again. So I'm forever 3 miles off when I'm home (not that I need faux-GPS to locate myself when I'm home, mind you...).

I'm on firmware 1.1.1 and not keen to try updating to 1.1.3 because I've heard too many tales of disaster. Is Navizon 1.1.1 compatible?