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Thread: Delayed/Sluggish Texting

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    Default Delayed/Sluggish Texting
    Does anyone else have the problem with their text messaging where you can hit the letter but it does not type it right away. I can type a whole text message out and when I am done writing it, the phone is still only half way through spelling out my message.. Please tell me I am not the only one with this problem.... IPhone 3g 2.02 and it has been doing it since the day I bought it...

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    Yes, this is a common problem. If you Google 'iphone sluggish texting' you will find information on the subject.

    For me, the problem gets worse the longer the phone has been on for. If I power cycle the phone it gets better for a while.

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    Yeah, it's pretty bad on my phone too. I don't know what does it.. I use to have keyboard hacks (glossy and mac air) so I removed those because someone said that might cause it... didn't fix it. 2.0.1 was supposed to make it better but the second that I installed 2.0.1 I started texting and was still slow. I also heard turning off the keyboard sound might fix it, but I kinda like the sound, haha. Hopefully they'll update and fix it for good though... it's quite a pain.

    I have found one thing you can do that gets it to stop lagging at least for that text (most of the time this works). While you're in the text message click messaging (to go back to your messaging inbox) then press the home button on the phone, and then go back into text messaging and try typing.. most of the time this works for me but it's definitely a pain to do every text message. Hope this helps.
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