Hi. I have some problems with my 1.1.3 JB iphone.

1. SMS order. Messages i recieve is listed above the ones i send. The timestamp is about 7-8 hours early. How do i fix this? I googled it and the results said that i need to have "Set automatically - ON" under Date&Time. It still doesent work! Any idea?

2. Installer app is not working (v3.0). When i try to install something it downloads the package and when it comes to installing it crashes to the springboard. Summerboard themes downloads without crashing but they dont show up in summerboard. iBlackjack and SwePhone was also installed without problems, but it might have been with the installer beta before 3.0. I can uninstall apps and themes.
Is my phone filled with downloaded packages that hasnt been installed, and where do i find them using SSH to remove them manually?? Is there a way to fix this??

Can it be that my disc is full? I have only a few apps installed, but the jailbreak leaves a BIG package (300mb?). I removed it using something in installer but i dont know if that worked. Where do i find the package using SSH to remove it manually?

3. Is there a way to fix the positioning function in maps? Ive heard that if you installed navizon (yes, i was able to install that as well) and ran that, you would be able to locate in maps too. BUT i cant find my position with navizon as well.