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Thread: Safari Error: "HTTP ERROR: $CODE$"

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    Default Safari Error: "HTTP ERROR: $CODE$"
    I don't know if any of you use but I appear to be the only person on the site experiencing a problem. Other's use iPhones and have no problems, maybe I'm the only one with an unlocked phone, and I use T-mobile.

    on my iPhone, if I try either the mobile version at or the normal site... I cannot get anything to load.

    It works FINE if I am on WiFi... but when I'm operating with EDGE (on my t-mobile service plan) I get:




    replace the *'s with $'s above, the forum keeps deleting what I type between the dollar signs
    running the 2.0.1 firmware (the most recent) and on T-mobile's unlimited Data plan using Edge. It is jailbroken and unlocked, but this wouldn't affect the site. And every other website loads just fine, mobile version or not (, engadget, gizmodo, google, every site I can think of)

    Whenever I am on WiFi, both sites work fine. But on Edge I get that same weird HTTP error.

    Someone suggested using the google proxy... and that works if I go to
    Fuelly | Share and Compare Your MPG

    and my girlfriends un-modified AT&T iPhone has no problem accessing the websites on EDGE.

    To note, this is the ONLY website that gives me this error... every other website I can visit works flawlessly....

    I posted about it on the Fuelly website tech forums, but nobody seems to know **** about the iPhone: I am username Billie
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    My daughter has the same problem. She does not use Fuelly but is unable to use EDGE with T-Mobile on her jailbroken iPhone 2G. She always gets the a.m. error message.
    Maybe somebody has heard of a solution since the thread was opened in August 2008 !?

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