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Thread: RSS Google Reader Gris

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    Default RSS Google Reader Gris
    How does that work? When I try to sync it doesnt do anything, I have to put some words in Feeds for it to "try" to sync, and then it tells me that it aborted.

    Can anyone tell me where I could get info on this program? Like a readme or something?


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    What program are you refering to? Is it an app store app?

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    i can't get it to work either

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    Doesn't do anything for me either

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    So no one wants to provide any info on what program you are actually talking about?

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    well i guess ill look for an alternative!

    Thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benz145 View Post
    So no one wants to provide any info on what program you are actually talking about?
    its a rss reader that syncs with google reader, but we can't get it work.

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    Is it an AppStore app, or a Jailbroken app?

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    It is an app on Cydia called "GRIS" (Google Reader iPhone Sync). I haven't tried it so I'll wait so see what others say.

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    i saw this app this morning and though it sounds like something i'm interested in, i've recently re-embraced newsgator. i'm always a bit leary when i need to disclose my login credentials to a third-party program, especially when this information is the same as for my gmail account.

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    I succeeded in getting it to work:

    You have to put in the folder/tag where your Google-feeds are stored in into the app to get the feeds syncronized (f.e. when your feeds are stored in "news" you have to put in "news" in GRIS.

    But I have a different problem - after I installed GRIS I found another app called HelloPython that was installed too. I tried to get rid of it but so far did not succeed. Does anyone know how to deinstall this app (or what this app does)?

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    Hi Stefan,

    I believe GRiS was written using the Python programming language and thus requires the installation of some kind of Python environment for it to run on the iPhone. GRiS installation package was 11MB in size and over 10MB of that was the Python runtime or something like that. I think the HelloPython app has something to do with the runtime and it's probably not a good idea to remove it.


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    never got it to work, so i uninstalled it. ill stick to the real google reader

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    I put in the folder name but I still get the sync error

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    Could you be more specific? I have my feeds in google organized by folders. Are you saying that if i have a folder called "news" then I should just "news" as a line in the feeds tab on gris? I tried that, and I still get "sync aborted" - am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Yes - exactly. But you have to make sure that your feeds are really organized like you think they are :-) Have a quick look at the Google-Reader's settings if your feed is really connected with your folders (up right side "settings" then second tab from the left: There you should see all your feeds. Make sure that the relevant folder is named on the right side (written in grey colour letters).

    If you just add a feed to the Google-Reader it is not connected with a folder (although it looks like it is). Hope that helps.

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    I hope the google people make a real google reader app. I love being able to star and share feeds. All the other third party apps suck.

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    Hey BlackAdder,

    I tried all that, but still get the "sync aborted" error. Everything does seem to be in the correct folder. Oh well, I'll guess I'll just have to wait till feeds get ported or one of those other 1.14 google synced RSS readers.

    Thanks anyway.

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    you need to create a foldert to put your rss feeds in (in Google reader). Then in Gris you put the name of that folder, not the one from the feed.

    It does work, but the update fail at the end and it seems to sync not correctly. Back to smartRSS

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    i still can't get it to work

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