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Thread: RSS Google Reader Gris

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    I think I've figured out the problem:

    It won't sync folders that have more than one-word names ("the news" "tech blogs" etc)
    Try renaming your folder to one word names - and resync (e.g, "news" "tech" etc). This worked for me.

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    its also case sensitive

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    i wish my feeds would be seperated based on the different subscriptions...
    but i like this app, when i got it to work.

    i paid for Byline in AppStore, and i donīt think it was worth the money.

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    Hi folks, I'm the author of this app. I must apologise for the early release issues, but hopefully nobody will hate me forever

    If you haven't got the latest version (0.1.3-2), please upgrade (in cydia) before posting any other issues.

    Here's a run down of things that might be wrong:

    - Sync refuses to start -
    Most likely, your list of tags is empty. Add some on the "feeds" tag.

    - Sync does nothing, or you get "No such tag" when you try to sync -
    One (or more) of the tags you listed in the feeds tab isn't a valid tag on your google reader account. Capitalisation is important. I'm going to replace this with an actual "just tick the boxes for tags you want to download" list, but for now this is functional (if brittle).

    - oh yeah, and the thing that looks like it's an "email this item" button doesn't work. I haven't figured that part out yet

    If you installed an early version, you will probably have noticed that "HelloPython" came along for the ride. This was a mistake in the dependency listing, which is now fixed. Once you'rve updated GRiS, you can safely uninstall the hello python app (it's called "iphone/python" in cydia). Note that the "python" package will still be installed, because that *is* required to use GRiS.

    Issues / fixes:
    Looks like spaces in tag names are broken, so the workaround for now is to rename your tags in google reader. Or wait until I have time to patch this, which should be sometime on the weekend.

    Sorting items by feeds:
    Yeah, I want this too. It's going to take some more work, because my UI-foo with objective-c is still limited. But give it some time.

    Downloading *all* items:
    This is something that I hate about the other readers I've used, because I have heaps of feeds. If it's something that a lot of people want, I'll get to it eventaully. But probably not for a while.

    GRiS is (obviously) still a work in progress, but I wanted to get it out because I think people can definitely get some use from it. I personally use it every day. And I wish the NDA would go away, because then I could actually allow people to look at the source and help fix it :/

    Update: The issue with spaces in tags actually manifests itself as the error "urllib2.HTTPError:HTTP Error 400: Bad Request". What could be more clear?

    Update 2: I've set up a google code project. Please post all further bugs to:

    And read this page if you still run into troubles (since I can keep it updated):
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    Tnks for the great app (it works great after the explanation) and the info in this post!!!!


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    I got everything to run fine with GRiS... except it won't work unless I have WiFi! Is this App made only to work through WiFi connection? Doesn't make sense if it is, and I don't see why it would not work on 3G/Edge. Whenever I try to update feed through 3G I get "Exception: Login Failed" error. ( I have updated to the latest software and run the problem with no problems on WiFi)

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    Hi gfxmonk, i've installed your program from cydia, but after the syncronization the items downloaded are all OLD (posted 30 or 29 days ago). Why?!

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    Echoes: GRiS downloads oldest items first (this is not currently configurable). It should only download unread items though. If this is not the case, please post a bug report:
    gris - Google Code

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    Is it possible to make it such that GRiS marks all your current feeds as "read" everytime you hit that Sync button?

    This is because I use google reader for my desktop in the afternoon, and GRiS in the morning, so whenever I open up google reader on my desktop the feeds that I have downloaded and read using GRiS are still mark as unread in google reader. And I'll be reading the same feeds all over again.

    Hope you could implement this. Thanks!

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    Congratulations for this great app.
    Is the best newsreader that I have seen on the iPhone.
    I had before the program "feeds" that was very good also but it had the problem that didn't download images, this is the best in GRIS, the images are downloaded, so you have the best offline experience.
    The only thing that I would like to have is the option of download the n recent elements first, not the old ones...
    That is the way "Feeds" worked and that is the way Google reader works, the first thing you see is the more recent elements.

    Congratulation again and thanks for this great app

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    I use Byline for Google Reader is very stable and have some nice features, i tried GRIS but i had a lot of problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by innovaciones View Post
    I use Byline for Google Reader is very stable and have some nice features, i tried GRIS but i had a lot of problems.
    Try with the latest release, eveyrthing working fine for me!

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    i guess they did an update but it works great..
    it downloads all your feeds up to a specified amount and ya done...

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