Many of jailbreak, restore, re-jb, and reinstall our apps many times over. It becomes a pain to continuously have to go back through installer and install your used apps.

So now that installer 3.0 supports a Queue function I'm wondering where this queue is saved? I'd like to be able to create my own queue of all my used apps. This way everytime I had to do a restore I could upload my queue into the phone via ssh, launch installer, tap 1 random app, tap install and installer would install that along with everything else in my custom queue.

I ran installer via terminal, but the only output was:
2008-02-04 07:42:13.905 Installer[538:d03] ATPackageManager: Queued package "iPong" for operation "Install".
2008-02-04 07:44:25.915 Installer[538:d03] ATPackageManager: Queued package "NES" for operation "Install".
2008-02-04 07:44:48.707 Installer[538:d03] ATPackageManager: Queued package "Community Sources" for operation "Install".
2008-02-04 07:45:00.199 Installer[538:d03] ATPackageManager: Package queue was cleared.
so anyone know where this que file is actually stored? And please don't tell me its actually being written into the main file cause that would be bad programming practice.

I've checked under:
/private/var/root/Library/Installer/ <--this is created when I run installer via terminal logging in as root.

So anyone have any idea where the queue plist or file is stored?